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Suihua industrial and commercial system carries out consumer rights protection in key areas

Suihua industrial and commercial system carries out consumer rights protection in key areas

October 17, 2013

[information on Chinese coatings meeting the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards] on October 14, it was learned at Suihua industrial and commercial bureau that: from now until the end of 2015, Suihua Administration for Industry and Commerce has concentrated on safeguarding the rights of consumption of five major categories of key goods and services throughout the city

it is reported that to carry out the work of safeguarding the rights of consumption of five major categories of key goods and services, it will be carried out in six stages: mobilization and deployment, investigation and bottom-up, self-examination and self correction, centralized rectification, system construction, inspection and acceptance. This year, we will mainly carry out mobilization and deployment, investigation and bottom-up. The key places for the supervision and inspection of consumption rights protection include: various commodity trading places, various service consumption places providing commodities, commodity logistics service places, mainly shopping malls, supermarkets, market fairs and other large markets with centralized consumption, various franchised stores, general agents, wholesale markets and business places in relevant service fields closely related to people's daily life. The five major categories of key goods and services under supervision and inspection are: household electronic appliances, mainly household appliances, communication equipment, computers and other goods; Clothing, shoes and hats, mainly clothing, shoes and hats, children's clothing, children's supplies and other commodities; Decoration materials, mainly including wood-based panels and their products, wood coatings, interior wall coatings, adhesives, ceramic floor tiles and other decoration materials and furniture and other commodities; Vehicles, mainly including auto accessories such as auto lamps, brake pads, brake hoses, interior decoration materials, and electric bicycles; Consumer rights protection in relevant service areas mainly includes telecommunications, catering, beauty salons and other service areas. Supervise Eastman's research and development of copolyester materials for the inspection of infant hearing echo detection equipment, and the key problems to be solved are: the outstanding problems in the quality of household electronic and electrical appliances, the lack of guarantee of after-sales service, the poor quality of maintenance service, etc., and investigate and deal with illegal acts such as passing fake goods for real, shoddy goods for good, and false labels according to law; Prominent problems such as nonstandard labeling of clothing, shoes and hats, substandard quality, and potential safety hazards; Formaldehyde and heavy metals in decoration materials exceed the standard, contain radioactive substances, and pollute the living environment, which violate the limit standard of harmful substances in decoration materials, which is also a quality safety problem for the target direction of technical optimization; Prominent problems of transportation vehicle commodities that have hidden dangers to road traffic safety and consumer personal safety; Unlicensed operation, inadequate after-sales service, service fraud, unfair format terms, forced consumption, false advertising, misleading consumption, using special status and management advantages to restrict and infringe on the rights and interests of consumers and other illegal acts

Suihua Administration for Industry and Commerce established a leading group for consumer rights protection in key areas, with an office in the consumer protection section. And set up three supervision teams to take key supervision and special 2 For the adjustment of the speed gear, the leftmost cabinet door and the reducer cover door on the console should be opened to strengthen the guidance, supervision and inspection of the grass-roots level by means of supervision, cross inspection, open and secret visits, etc

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