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The South African Cancer Association calls for the prohibition of plastic milk bottles containing bisphenol A

Jinan assay tells you how to distinguish the quality of the fixture of the testing machine. At the press conference held on August 11, the South African Cancer Association (cansa) said that after three years of investigation and research, the association further confirmed that some chemicals contained in plastic products, such as bisphenol A, are harmful to human body and may cause cancer and other serious health problems

The English name of bisphenol A is bisphenol A (BPA), which is widely used in the manufacture of polycarbonate (PC) plastics. Polycarbonate is widely used in many fields such as electronics, building materials, machinery, medical materials and consumer goods because of its colorless, transparent, durable, lightweight and outstanding impact resistance. At present, general mineral water bottles, coke bottles, space cups and baby bottles are made of polycarbonate plastic containing bisphenol A

Dr. Carl Albright, the research director of the project, said that there are international disputes about the harm of bisphenol A. They spent three years to carefully study the scientific evidence supporting and opposing the use of bisphenol A, and concluded that bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor with hormone activity, which poses a potential threat to human health. The main way for bisphenol A to invade the human body is to inhale and eat. Increase the hydraulic control one-way valve. The bisphenol a contained in a bottle or cup made of polycarbonate plastic will diffuse into milk and other liquids, especially when the bottle is boiled with hot water or heated by microwave, the release of bisphenol A will be 55 times more

Albright said that bisphenol A increased the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer for adults. It is more harmful to infants and children, on the one hand, because their brains are developing and their bodies lack enzymes to neutralize bisphenol A. On the other hand, children spend 10 times as much time eating as adults, which means that they have more opportunities to be exposed to harmful chemicals in food

Albright said that in order to reduce the harm of BPA to human beings, people should try to reduce their exposure to BPA, especially pregnant women and children aged 0-3. At the same time, cansa called on South Africa to ban plastic products containing bisphenol A and use alternative materials that do not contain bisphenol A to produce the inner linings of all kinds of plastic beverage bottles and tin cans. Cansa has begun to certify baby bottles that do not contain bisphenol A in the South African market. Consumers can buy safe products with the certification mark of cansa

in addition, if consumers want to know about an aluminum powder industry: policies support the development of high-end products. Whether plastic products contain bisphenol A, they only need to check the triangle symbol at the bottom. If the triangle has the number "7" and the letter "PC", it means that it is polycarbonate plastic containing bisphenol A

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