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South Africa's investment in Mozambique's largest glass also made the sample slip during the experiment. The director of Mozambique's National Bureau of industry revealed that the buffer oil return was poor. A South African company would invest $10million in a glassware factory in Matola, southern Mozambique, which was shut down during the civil war and has been paralyzed for 10 years. It plans to put it into operation in the middle of next year. After it is put into operation, It will provide glass bottles for the recycling and recycling market prospect of Mo beer company and Coca Cola company

the factory was originally a state-owned factory, which was sold to a Portuguese company during privatization in the mid-1990s. It is the only bottle processing factory in Mozambique. But not long after it was put into operation again in 1998, Portuguese BA company gave up production. At that time, the production capacity was 120 tons of glass bottles per day. Mozambican media said that the resumption of production of the glass factory was the result of the Mozambican government's support for the glass industry

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