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South Africa: import and export regulations

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import license most goods can be imported into South Africa without restrictions

some categories of products are classified as prohibited imports, including fruits; Fish; Some vegetables and agricultural products; Meal wine; Firearms; Second hand goods and gambling game machines. Such products can only enter the country with an import license

importers who need to apply for import licenses must register with the Department of import and export control. The Department of import and export control handles import visa matters on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of trade and industry

import tax rate

import tax is levied according to the FOB price of imported goods in the exporting country

the import tariff rate is as follows: 0% to 10% for primary and semi primary products; The production equipment is 0% to 10%; 10% to 15% for various components; Consumer goods are 15% to 30%


imported goods must pay 14% value-added tax, except for food (including rice, vegetables, fruits, milk, brown wheat flour, eggs and beans, but excluding meat, fish and white bread)

the following products are subject to consumption tax: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, mineral water, certain petroleum products, automobiles, office machines, films and luxury consumer goods, such as cosmetics, household leisure products and motorcycles


commercial invoice, certificate of origin, bill of lading or air waybill, ship or airline certificate, insurance certificate, packing list, provisional invoice (if applicable), import license (if applicable)

products of the specified categories must apply for import licenses. Licenses are issued only to registered importers. General regulations are licences issued in any calendar year and are valid only for goods imported in the same year. If you want to apply for an import license, you can contact the import and export control bureau. Address: import and export C, but not less than 20mm at the bottom control, private bag x192, Pretoria 0001, South Africa;: (2712) 310 9791; Fax: (2712) 3227408


drugs, table wine, food, cosmetics, toothpaste, fluoride containing powder and mouthwash must comply with specific label requirements. Some categories of products must be labeled in English and South African Dutch

product standards

at present, there are 43 categories of products that must meet safety and health standards, including electrical appliances, electronic products, automobiles, processed seafood and canned meat. If you want to inquire about the product standards of South Africa, you can contact the director of foreign trade relations, Department of trade and industry, private bag X84, 0001 Pretoria, South Africa under the Ministry of trade and industry of South Africa (2712) 310 9791; Fax: (2712) 3207905; You can also contact the South African Bureau of standards, 1 Dr. lategan TD, groenkkloof, private bag x191, Pretoria, South Africa;: (2712) 428 7911; Fax: (2712) 3441568


the South African tariff and Trade Commission has launched an anti-dumping investigation on stainless steel concave vessels exported from Hong Kong and the mainland of China


for details of import license, you can contact: Minister of trade and industry, Department of trade and industry, private bag x9047, Cape Town 8000, South Africa;: (27 21) 461 7191; Fax: (2721) 4651291; Address:

for enquiries about import policies and tariffs in South Africa, please contact: the Commissioner, customs and excite administration, South African Revenue Service, private bag x47, Pretoria 0001, South Africa in September 2016 (27 12) 314 9911; Fax: (2712) 3257992


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