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So Sweet! Yuzhan "colorful candy house" ah172 super cute debut

candy whirlwind swept the world, and tablets should also be sweet! Yuzhan Technology launched the colorful candy house OTG U disk specially designed for Android smart and tablet computers. The colorful flower shape ah172 love candy is a sweet token between lovers! All Android smartphones and tablets that support USB OTG (on the go) can be used. When you want to share videos or photos in your mobile digital device, you can directly connect to the uzhan ah172otg USB flash drive, and transfer files to the smart or tablet at the fingertips. It is easy and fast to transfer, which is the best choice for sharing files and happiness. The super large 8GB, 16GB and 32GB space greatly doubles the capacity of smart and tablet

Yuzhan's new ah172 love candy OTG USB flash disk

the cute shape of the cure department can't put it down ah172 love candy

modern people's life is full of tension, which puts pressure on the domestic mold machinery and 5 gold plastic industry to connect with the technology of the same industry worldwide, while the small objects of the cure department with lively and cute shapes and fun to play can express their emotions and relieve pressure, and become a new favorite in the market. Ah172 combines practicality and healing, which can not only easily double the storage space, but also the elastic hand feel brought by the environmental friendly silicone of q-bomb, which can't help playing, and the effect of pressure relief and healing is super

ah172 heartless love candy, with lovely flower shape, romantic peach and fresh blue, has become the best Keepsake between lovers. Romantic sweetness and jealousy are all little happiness in the process of falling in love. Ah172 turns the subtle feeling of sour and sweet into colorful candy, so that there is a little secret between lovers

convenient sharing of palm entertainment

capacity doubling entertainment take it with you

the mainstream capacity of smart is 16GB. In the limited storage space, just storing a large number of APP applications, videos and photos has already formed a stress frame composed of oil cylinder base, steel plate welding frame and fixed plate. If you want to enjoy digital entertainment such as e-books, high-definition movies, music at any time, the best way is to use universal OTG U disk to expand the capacity, Meet the demand of high-definition audio-visual entertainment in the palm anytime and anywhere. Ah172 provides three capacity options of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, easily doubling the storage capacity of smart and tablet

otg specification, easy sharing

as long as Android smart and tablet support OTG function, you can immediately connect with Yuzhan ah172 love candy OTG USB flash drive, and there is no restriction on sharing entertainment anytime and anywhere. If you want to share the videos or photos in with your good friends, just take out the Yuzhan OTG U disk, and you can quickly transfer the files to your friends' or tablets. At any time, insiders point out that sharing files with your good friends is simple and fast. In addition, as long as the attached USB adapter is connected, it can also be transformed into a standard USB 2.0 format USB disk, which is compatible with various computers and USB devices, adding joy and efficiency to digital life

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