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Professional sound insulation glass structure must be selected for sound insulation.

the limit will be comprehensively affirmed by the amount of plug connection loss between the main body and the dynamometer that may be caused by the purchase contract and the product. With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, the requirements for the living sound environment are also increasing. In the process of controlling traffic noise pollution, hollow glass windows are vigorously promoted by manufacturers. There are two layers of single glass in the middle of the insulating glass. The compression bearing capacity is much stronger than its tensile resistance, and there is a 9mm air layer in the middle. Due to the special structure of this kind of glass, most consumers will think that insulating glass is sound insulation, but it is not. This starts with the characteristics of the noise source

at present, most of the main noise sources of street residents are traffic noise. The traffic noise sources include three categories: first, the sound of car tires rubbing against the ground. This kind of sound basically belongs to bass and is accompanied by vibration. This situation is particularly serious in the vicinity of concrete roads than asphalt roads. The second is the sound of automobile engine, exhaust pipe and automobile transmission system. The higher the horsepower and the longer the vehicle limit, the stronger the noise in this regard. The third is the sound of vehicle vibration caused by the impact of car horns, wind resistance, brakes, speed bumps and loads. The instrument test shows that the sound pressure level of traffic noise is mainly in the middle and low frequency (below 200Hz), which is also the weakness of ordinary insulating glass sound insulating windows

the structure of insulating glass is easy to form low-frequency resonance with traffic noise, and the amount of sound insulation in low-frequency band is not ideal. According to our test, the maximum amount of low-frequency sound insulation is only 19dB, and the overall sound insulation is less than 30dB. If the outdoor noise is more than 75db, the indoor acoustic environment can be imagined to be very annoying, so professional sound insulation glass structure must be selected for sound insulation

the sound insulation capacity of lens sound insulation window is 42 dB, which can effectively reduce the noise of various frequencies, especially low frequencies, such as 34 dB at 125Hz and 39 dB at 250Hz. It is specially designed for roadside families to perfectly solve the noise problems. It is widely used in many fields, such as home appliances, cars, electric drive tool housings, etc. spring sleep cannot be known, and noise is everywhere. Installed lens window, quiet know how much! Zhonghua glass () Department

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