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Sosco successfully acquired counterbalance Corporation

sosco successfully acquired counterbalance Corporation

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on March 29, 2016, sosco, the world's leading engineering entry solution design and manufacturer, announced the official completion of the acquisition of counterbalance Corporation, an American manufacturer, And fully introduce its modular torsion spring technology and related products. This acquisition will enrich sosco's positioning technology product range and help expand its services to a wider range of industries and customer groups

sosko E3 - vice action compression door lock

counterbalance's positioning control technology solution (that is, the sample is continuously in the jaw, in the jaw, parallel section or outside the gauge distance) is designed for the application of high load force. It takes the modular torsion spring technology as the center of gravity, and its advantage is to reduce the force required to lift the cover, cover, hatch and table. Facing the growing demand of Chinese customers for the convenience of medium and high load hardware applications, sosco will effectively expand the combination of its positioning control products and improve the application level of products with higher load force by combining counterbalance's spring technology, which will be used in a more comprehensive range of industries, including medical, industrial, military, education, hotel, catering equipment and other applications. These solutions will bring new development opportunities for sosco in different industries and applications

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Brian McNeill, President and CEO of sosco said: "We are pleased to introduce counterbaiance's technology, expertise and solutions into our hardware business, enabling us to provide more innovative and high-quality engineering hardware entry solutions to add value to our customers. Through the acquisition, sosco has successfully expanded its positioning technology product series and added value to the market we serve."

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sosco entered the Chinese market in 2002 and has a strong sales, design, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, customer service and technical support network in China. Sosco is a supplier trusted by local and multinational enterprises in many industries, and has established solid and long-term partnership with many leading enterprises

about sosco

southco - Chinese translation "sosco" - is the world's leading supplier of Engineering entry solutions. Sosco provides industrial hardware solutions, including locks, fasteners, hinges, handles, inserts, electronic access control and other products, which are used in communication networks, chassis cabinets, data center server equipment, automobiles, aerospace, public transportation, engineering machinery/construction, medical devices, RV, industrial machinery, ships, HVAC and so on

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