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South Africa wants to raise timber export tariffs by 600%

according to South African media reports, the national port authority of South Africa recently said that due to the scarcity of timber resources and the demand of the international timber processing market, South Africa's timber export tariffs, such as tariffs, will be increased by 600% next year. The South African Wood Industry Association said that due to the continuous rise of the RAND exchange rate and the fluctuations in the international financial market, timber exporters have increased their risks. With the upcoming 600% export tax increase regulation issued by the South African port authority, it will have a very adverse impact on the wood processing and manufacturing in South Africa, the development and quality improvement of functional fiber materials, the industrialization of bio based chemical fibers, the industrialization of high-performance fibers and the export of product serialization

in view of the new policy of increasing taxes on timber exports, many timber exporters in South Africa said that the government and relevant timber associations should start to increase policy and financial support as soon as possible to ensure the competitiveness of the South African timber industry in the international market, rather than blindly limiting the orderly development of the timber industry by increasing taxes. The data result is delayed bone healing. It shows that in 2009, South Africa's timber freight export has reached 14.1 billion rand (about 2.02 billion US dollars), and the net income of pulp export has reached 9.54 billion rand

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