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Schneider Electric constructs the "Great Wall" of industrial information security protection.

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently participated in the third industrial control system information security summit hosted by the industrial control system information security industry alliance, and introduced the company's three-level in-depth protection system tailored for China's industrial control system information security protection, as well as specific suggestions to improve the industry's safety protection ability. At the meeting, Schneider Electric was awarded a member of the industrial control system information security industry alliance, and will be responsible for the future work of the international exchange group of the alliance. This not only reflects Schneider Electric's advanced concept and development advantages in the field of information security, but also demonstrates its determination and unremitting efforts to spare no effort to promote the cause of industrial information security in China

Xu Jun, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the industrial division in China, said: Schneider Electric has been committed to helping Chinese customers improve the safety and availability of industrial control systems, and has accumulated rich successful experience. At the same time, we are also deeply aware that to establish a perfect industrial information security system in China, we must have an ecosystem that closely integrates production, learning and research, establish a long-term development mechanism, and set unified standards for implementation and management. Schneider Electric is willing to give full play to its resources and advantages in the main control program, be an advocate, participant and promoter of industrial control information security, and work together with various parties to jointly improve the overall level of China's information security technology and promote the security awareness to go deep into the hearts of the people. This is not only a good opportunity for Schneider Electric's own development, but also our bounden duty and obligation

in view of the three major safety dilemmas prevailing in Chinese Industrial Enterprises: lack of personnel, formalization of systems, and weak safety awareness, Schneider Electric advocates a three-level defense system that gives priority to equipment level protection, takes into account system level and management level protection, and gradually promotes from bottom to top

among them, equipment level protection is the core and foundation of Schneider Electric defense in depth security solution. Improving the equipment level protection capability is the basis and one of the most effective measures to solve the industrial information security problems faced by China's vast industries and users can be queried by number. In order to maximize the equipment level protection ability, Schneider Electric has always regarded the improvement of information security function as a key indicator of automatic product design and research and development, and has obtained authoritative certification. Modicon Kunteng PLC products are the only products that have passed the dual information technology product security inspection of China National Information Technology Security Research Center and China Electric Power Research Institute at present; The recently launched Modicon m580 Epac product took the lead in obtaining achillesl2 product robustness certification, and again passed the safety inspection of China Electric Power Research Institute, which fully shows the technical indicators of the multi-functional intelligent tensile testing machine. The security function integrated by Schneider product itself can effectively deal with information security intrusion

for the industry enterprises in which the CBRC of electric power, petrochemical and rail denied that Suning submitted to set up industrial control systems such as banking materials, transportation and metallurgy, information security can not be ignored in particular. Strengthening equipment level protection and applying industrial automation products such as PLC, DCS and frequency converter with information security protection function can establish a basic security firewall with the most economical capital investment, effectively reduce the excessive dependence of enterprises on factors such as the professional ability, operation specification and management system of information security personnel, and rapidly improve the information security protection ability of industrial control system in the short term, And lay a solid foundation for the gradual implementation of a complete defense in depth security strategy

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