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Schneider Electric and new friends and old friends went to the "Expo invitation" for three consecutive years to create an efficient and sustainable future in Shanghai, China. On November 10, 2020, the third China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. For three consecutive years, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, has never been absent. While the booth area and exhibition products continue to increase, the number of on-site contracts has also reached new highs. According to statistics, the number of contracts signed by Schneider Electric during the Expo in 2020 increased by more than 50% over last year

the composite blade formed by this kind of process has very excellent interlayer performance

the signing partners include both new and old friends, covering many fields such as engineering construction, manufacturing of medium and low voltage distribution equipment, project contracting, etc. they and Schneider Electric continue to expand and deepen cooperation on the world stage of the China International Fair, and work together to increase digitalization. Among them, the central and western regions of China have a decisive strategic position for social and economic development. With the accelerated evolution of the digital era, how to quickly grasp the use of more cutting-edge intelligent products and equipment, create differentiated competitiveness, and further expand business capabilities has become a top priority for many central and western enterprises

as an expert in digital transformation, Schneider Electric has profound industry insight and accumulation in the field of energy and automation, which will effectively help central enterprises effectively improve the application of innovative technologies and the full life cycle efficiency of various projects, so as to promote the strong rise of central and western regions together. During this Expo, Schneider Electric once again expanded and deepened its cooperation with central enterprises such as China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau and Changde Tianma, and established a strategic cooperation relationship with Chongqing hydraulic universal material testing machine to open the main motor source switch of impact testing machine and the high-tech zone of manual box switch

on the basis of previous product cooperation, Schneider Electric and China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. will further promote the service support in the fields of medium and low voltage integration and strong and weak current integration, and work together to create a new model of energy efficiency, safety, reliability and sustainable development in the construction field; Signed a contract with China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. to become a strategic partner to complete 72 National Standards for intelligent manufacturing. Schneider Electric will help China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau to promote digital and intelligent transformation, so as to jointly realize cost reduction, efficiency increase, safety, efficiency and sustainable development in the construction field; Another contracted Changde Tianma Electric Co., Ltd. will become an authorized partner of Schneider Electric dry-type transformer, so as to receive comprehensive training and sales support, further improve its own technical level and brand awareness, and win more business opportunities

at the Chongqing investment and Trade Cooperation Symposium, Schneider Electric and Chongqing high tech Zone decided to jointly build a future scientific innovation center in the Science City, using integrated software and digital energy automation and industrial automation solutions to support the construction of energy and infrastructure, industry, data centers and networks, buildings and parks in the western (Chongqing) Science City, and in building a smart city The smart Park provides advanced products and digital services, while establishing a localized ecosystem of digital energy management and green intelligent manufacturing technology, forming a digital intelligent technology empowerment center, providing experience and application training services for Chongqing scientific research institutions, vocational and technical schools, ecosystem enterprises, etc., and helping the Science City build a smart operation system and develop the digital economy

it has participated in the Expo for three consecutive years. The Expo has become an excellent platform for Schneider Electric to gather with new and old friends, further deepen cooperation and jointly expand the market. In addition to the above signing, Schneider Electric also cooperates with manufacturers of medium and low voltage equipment, distributors, e-commerce, machine room equipment engineering enterprises Innovative cloud technology and leading enterprises in the field of cloud service providers have reached cooperation. In the future, we believe that a stronger ecosystem will enable the digital transformation and high-quality development of more industries

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