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Schneider Electric appeared at China International Textile Machinery Exhibition on June 22, 2010, Schneider Electric today appeared at China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition, which has achieved fully automated hp-rtm production, to show its machinestruxtu for machine manufacturers (OEMs) to understand the experimental space needed for experiments The beam displacement and vertical experimental space required by the experiment If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experimental space will be required to be 1 point higher The specific situation needs to determine the re machine solution platform and the automation comprehensive solution suitable for cotton spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing and other process stages according to the experimental requirements

Xiu Dehua, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the industrial division, said: the textile industry is the largest OEM industry in automation technology in China and has broad development prospects. Schneider Electric provides comprehensive automation solutions for the textile machinery industry with high-quality products and professional technical talents. The machinestruxture machine solution platform launched in this exhibition helps our customers in the textile industry maintain a leading edge in the fierce competition by saving 50% of the control design time, achieving 100% flexible control and optimizing the equipment. Xiudehua said that Schneider Electric established a professional application development team in the textile machinery industry in 2004 and a professional sales team in the textile machinery industry in 2006. At present, Schneider Electric has successfully achieved the continuous growth of market share

at present, the common challenge faced by machine manufacturers is to extend the service life of machines, develop easy-to-use, safe and energy-saving machines, and shorten the preparation cycle of machines for market while reducing development costs. The

machinestruxture machine solution platform launched by Schneider came into being to meet these challenges. The platform provides design and installation assistance for machine manufacturers, and supports customers to produce higher energy efficiency and 5. Vibration tables (including impact tables and collision test tables); Cost effective machine, while maximizing its performance. Based on the tested, verified and innovative system architecture, machinestruxure integrates multiple flexible hardware platforms and a complete single software with an integrated application function library, so as to achieve 100% flexible control and optimize customers' machines and equipment at the same time

Schneider Electric solutions are widely used in the field of textile machinery. At this exhibition, Schneider Electric showed professionals a variety of comprehensive automation solutions applied to spinning machinery, weaving machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery and non-woven machinery, including blowing carding machine control system, warp knitting machine control system, double frequency conversion jigger control system and circular printing machine control system, and introduced m218 to stack "printing materials" 1 layer by layer according to 3D image data/m238, atv32/atv302, Lxm23, plus/lxm32 and other controllers and drive innovative products, so as to effectively improve production efficiency for customers, reduce unnecessary downtime and loss in the production process, effectively shorten the cycle of product manufacturing and entering the market, and create a transparent, efficient, lean and safe automated factory

China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition is a joint venture of China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia. It is jointly sponsored by China Textile machinery and equipment industry association, European textile machinery manufacturers Committee, textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, and China International Exhibition Center Group. It is recognized by the industry that Asia has the largest scale, the largest number of exhibitors, the largest number of professional visitors The international textile machinery exhibition with the highest technical level and the strongest professionalism

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