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Schneider Electric actively promotes and popularizes energy conservation and efficiency increase September 1, 2009 - global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently participated in the fifth Jilin Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo at the invitation of the Jilin provincial government. Chen weigen, vice governor of Jilin provincial government, cordially met with jihuade, vice president of Schneider Electric, and his delegation, and expressed his sincere welcome to the participation of Schneider Electric's extensive digital display impact testing machine in the development of energy conservation and efficiency improvement in Northeast China

jihuade said: "Energy is the foundation of economic prosperity. At present, the world is facing a shortage of energy. As an enterprise with a real sense of society, it should take the promotion of environmental and economic sustainable development as the development direction. We very much appreciate the Chinese government's efforts to promote the strategic development direction of energy conservation and emission reduction with the characteristics of technology intensive new materials, large R & D investment and high product added value. We also appreciate the close integration of the Jilin provincial government with traditional industries The actual work of the base actively promotes the development strategy of industrial energy conservation and consumption reduction and emission reduction in the province. Schneider Electric has rich experience in the field of energy efficiency management for many years. It can put the concept of energy conservation through all links of energy use. With professional solutions, it can help customers save 30%, which can not only save working time and energy consumption. "

at this Expo, Schneider Electric showed energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions applied to five major markets: energy and infrastructure, architecture, data center and network, and residential housing market, attracting more than 1000 visitors and receiving high attention from participating provincial and municipal government officials, industry experts, and visiting customers

at the same time, it aims to take the fifth Northeast Asia Expo as an opportunity to further promote energy-saving technology in Jilin Province through this national large-scale exhibition platform and promote the energy-saving development of enterprises. The training center of the national development and Reform Commission, the Jilin provincial government and Schneider Electric jointly held a special seminar on "energy conservation and efficiency enhancement" at this Expo. As the key theme activity of this Expo, the seminar mainly provides expert lectures for Jilin provincial government agencies, large state-owned industrial enterprises, and enterprises in the construction field, aiming at the current situation and policy measures of China's energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial and construction fields, as well as the promotion and application of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement models

Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo is the only regional international comprehensive Expo in the world, which is jointly participated by Northeast Asian countries and faces the world. It aims to promote the economic and trade exchanges and regional cooperation between China's two Tyvek factories and Northeast Asian countries in the United States and Europe, so as to build a long-term cooperation platform of mutual benefit, win-win, exchange and cooperation, competition and openness between China and Northeast Asian countries

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