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Schneider Electric, together with 451 research, reveals the direct views of enterprise leaders on hybrid IT management

this research is carried out by means of centralized and in-depth interviews with infrastructure leaders of large enterprises worldwide

for enterprise executives Data center and it executives provide the deep insight and peer experience needed to evaluate and manage the rapidly developing mixed it environment

it should not be that Chinese plastic machine enterprises have expanded their exploration of emerging markets for extruders over the years, sparing no effort to study the market and demand. Beijing, China, December 12, 2017, is the best way to understand the development trend of any industry, It is to have direct exchanges with the industry leaders who planned the China (Ningbo) international new materials technology and Industry Exhibition. Recently, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of data centers, and 451 research jointly carried out a new research to reveal the mixed it environment of large enterprises around the world. The research conducted centralized in-depth interviews with enterprise executives, data centers and it executives, and provided peer experience and views on the deployment of technological innovation, so that other people in the industry can evaluate and manage their own 5. Accumulator: some electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines are equipped with accumulator hybrid IT environment

through a series of interviews, the following key information is obtained:

the wide application of cloud services has a profound impact on the way to truly meet the needs of the company's data center infrastructure

the rapid development of new distributed it driven by IOT and emerging edge computing will aggravate these complexities

the transformation to a hybrid data center environment composed of outsourced services, public cloud, hosting, and enterprise owned local data centers is challenging the management and supervision methods of traditional infrastructure

with the deployment of cloud services, the whole enterprise will have a chain reaction. As enterprises' demand for connectivity and load management increases, business models will also undergo major changes. In order to realize the full value of the mixed environment, the overall management of the data center environment has become one of the most complex problems faced by modern enterprise leaders, and prompted them to reconsider the corresponding strategies and conventional practices

the research also shows that although the experience, strategies and innovative technologies used by major enterprises are very different, there are clear common issues:

determine the best data center location. The location selection of the data center will have a great impact on the risk, cost and it service performance

the case shows that a UK based retailer found that data transmission and application licensing costs need to be considered when determining the best venue, security, performance and delay requirements, which will be the relevant factors of the total cost analysis. Through the analysis of these factors, we can determine the best combination ratio of hosting and public cloud computing infrastructure, so as to support the connection demand and effectively control the cost

achieving the visibility of the entire hybrid environment and achieving cross site visibility is a major challenge. This process will be very time-consuming and expensive. Isolated software functions and the availability of consistent data will become obstacles to monitoring

an interviewee who participated in the study said: if I had imagined these problems in the past, I could have foreseen the failure in advance

management costs without sacrificing performance. Without proper research and planning, the cost of hybrid data centers may be high, but through reasonable planning, the investment and operating costs of data centers can be reduced, and high availability across hybrid environments can be maintained or even improved

an American retailer pointed out that the biggest challenge is cost control, management and the applicability of financial capital

it is crucial to formulate strict operational processes for unified operation across mixed it environments and ensure that these processes are included in the service level agreements (SLAs) and operation level agreements (Olas) of hosting and cloud service providers

an interviewee who participated in the research pointed out: you must know that outsourcing is not cheaper, but you have lost a lot of control. To regain some control, we can only rely on SLA and Ola agreements

the companies participating in this study are distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Asia Pacific region, with a revenue of more than $500million. The complete research report contains an in-depth analysis of the above topics, and gives more insights into the reasons and ways of these trends in multiple vertical fields and industry markets

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