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Schneider Electric: carrying the infinite possibility of intelligent power distribution with digitalization

Beijing, December 3, 2018/AP/-- recently, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation held the "2018 joint customer day between Shanghai Schneider distribution Appliance Co., Ltd. SSPA and Schneider (Beijing) medium and low voltage appliance Co., Ltd. sbmlv" in Shanghai. As an important annual customer gathering, Schneider Electric introduced the advanced quality management system and excellent process control of the two factories, as well as the latest series of air circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers. At the same time, it took this opportunity to fully listen to the needs of customers and give timely feedback. During the event, Schneider Electric also invited participating customers to visit SSPA factory in Shanghai Kangqiao, grandly announced the official completion of its innovation center, and celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of the star product masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker

SSPA Factory Innovation Center was officially completed

in recent years, with China's economy gradually changing from high-speed to high-quality development, various industries are also undergoing varying degrees of transformation. As the basis for the transformation and breakthrough of various industries, the digital transformation of the power industry emphasizes the higher requirements for the interconnection, safety and reliability of distribution products. Shanghai Schneider Power Distribution Co., Ltd. (SSPA factory for short) was established in 1995, mainly focusing on the production of air circuit breakers and high current molded case circuit breakers. Over the years, SSPA factory has closely followed the pace of China's transformation, always adhered to meeting the increasing needs of customers, and continuously exported innovative and reliable products represented by masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker, which have been fully recognized by customers. Since its establishment, thanks to the continuous practice of its lean concept, its production capacity has increased by more than 10 times without increasing the plant area

at the same time, in addition to continuously "cultivating" safe, reliable and efficient leading distribution products, SSPA factory is also exploring its own ways to improve quality and efficiency in the new era. In the past 23 years, based on Schneider Electric's group advantages, SSPA factory has continuously introduced innovative technologies and concepts in the distribution industry to build a customized, sustainable and connected TSC 4.0 supply chain. Starting in 2016 and lasting for three years, SSPA factory has invested more than 50million yuan to implement the process quality enhancement project called alpha. By adding incoming material detection equipment, intelligent torque gun system, fully automatic chuck production line, and final inspection fully automatic robot vision detection equipment, more than 200 foolproof and error proof work stations have been added and upgraded. In the whole manufacturing process, from order, incoming materials, production, quality inspection to shipment, and product traceability, SSPA factory ensures product quality control and production efficiency through systematic process and equipment system deployment, and realizes end-to-end total quality management. Today, SSPA factory has grown into an industry-leading "smart factory"

based on innovation and development, Schneider Electric is not only ensuring the improvement of products and services since the first half of this year, but also thinking about how to create an "immersive" digital experience for customers, so as to provide a more meaningful reference for its transformation and development. 2. The operating procedures of rubber tensile testing machine. Therefore, SSPA factory announced the establishment of an innovation center in November 2018, mainly to show customers Schneider Electric ecostruxure architecture, masterpact product series, ecostruxure power intelligent distribution system, and experience the charm of efficient and reliable intelligent distribution with ecostruxure power VR. It is worth mentioning that in the innovation center, Schneider Electric, based on PRISMA IPM cabinet, demonstrated the complete ecological architecture of intelligent distribution system based on ecostruxure power, and realized the value of asset management, energy efficiency optimization, risk early warning, etc. through Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, PME power management system, PSO power monitoring system

As the core highlight of SSPA Factory Innovation Center, SSPA Factory Innovation Center comprehensively demonstrated the 30-year product innovation and development of masterpact series air circuit breakers through physical and digital means. The 30-year continuous innovation has also brought considerable sales figures to Schneider Electric. According to statistics, by the end of 2017, the sales volume exceeded 1.5 million units. At the same time, thanks to Schneider Electric's innovative gene and its deep understanding and application of digitalization, masterpact series launched its "epoch-making work" brand-new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker in China in 2017, and held its first offline instrument in SSPA factory in November of the same year

Schneider Electric's new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker has five characteristics: infinite interconnection, extremely accurate measurement, anytime and anywhere upgrading, fearless of harsh environment, and seamless compatibility of architecture. It combines the full project cycle digital experience and full life cycle professional services. It has been listed for one year, and has covered industries such as industry, commercial construction, electronics, data center, transportation, and power, Assist in the digital upgrading of more than 600 customer projects. Based on its excellent performance and widely praised by customers, the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker won many industry awards, such as the "2017 best product award" in the industrial safety category of "control engineering" when the market and competitors feel uncertain, the "2017 recommended product" of CCID "Internet economy", and the "top ten universal circuit breakers" of the fourth Ivey award in 2018

this year, on the first anniversary of the launch of the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker, Schneider Electric also released six new digital modules, and will release more digital modules in 2019 to further enhance the application coverage of masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker in three aspects: advanced protection, measurement, diagnosis and maintenance. Users can customize according to their needs when placing orders in the early stage, and can also upgrade the functions of projects that have been put into operation anytime and anywhere, so as to comprehensively improve the digital application level of their projects

Mr. Horacio Galicia, director of Shanghai Schneider Power Distribution Co., Ltd., said: "The innovative practice of Shanghai Schneider distribution Appliance Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years has not only promoted the manufacturing capacity of China's air circuit breaker products and even the entire manufacturing industry, but also has outstanding social significance in stimulating the local economy and solving employment. As a global expert in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric takes innovation as its DNA, and helps industrial transformation and Optimization. "

the flattening of the internal organization of master, which reflects the high efficiency of enterprise management, will make it possible to implement pact MTZ air circuit breaker for the first anniversary of its listing

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