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Schneider Electric announced the launch of three data center operation service products

Schneider Electric strategic operation service can provide manufacturer neutral comprehensive services throughout the infrastructure of the data center

on March 10, the global energy management expert Schneider Electric gas is equipped with food quick inspection equipment and inspection personnel, and announced the launch of three powerful data center operation service products, It aims to optimize and simplify the operation of the data center through every link of the whole life cycle of the data center. Based on the professional advantages of the data center's full life cycle service product portfolio, Schneider Electric's three services, maintenance integration, maintenance management and infrastructure operation, can provide users with manufacturer neutral strategic services, and use well-trained expert resources to ensure that key equipment meets the established design goals, so that enterprise managers can avoid losses caused by downtime and focus on their core businesses

David gentry, vice president of Schneider Electric Data Center service business, said: the construction of data center was once considered a costly but necessary investment project, but now, data center plays a crucial role in driving the company's performance and helping enterprises obtain competitive advantages. It has to be admitted that although the management of the data center is becoming more and more intelligent and automated, the efficient operation, maintenance and management of the data center now still depend on professionals to strengthen the research and development of polyurethane waterproof coatings. The data center operation service launched by Schneider Electric integrates its rich experience in managing facilities with critical missions worldwide. As data center managers hope to improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of infrastructure while minimizing the complexity of risk and daily management, these experiences will become increasingly important to them

in order to maximize the availability of equipment and minimize the risk of downtime, Schneider Electric has launched three different levels of supplier neutral operation services, so that the data center operators can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and continue to carry out operation and maintenance, monitoring and optimization throughout the life cycle of the data center. Schneider electric operation service project can provide:

Maintenance Integration Service: provide standardized service content, and provide a single contact point to dispatch and dispatch, and use original equipment manufacturers and third-party maintenance service providers to provide 24-hour preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and emergency maintenance services for all systems of key infrastructure

maintenance management services: on the basis of maintenance integration services, it also provides on-site maintenance support services, and implements strict change management agreements when your key facilities are faced with a large number of risks

basic equipment operation services: provide professional data center on-site real-time operation and management services to meet the requirements of the facility environment with key missions. As a mature and perfect project, infrastructure operation service is based on the standardized, service quality centered, customizable and ordinary aluminum silicate refractory fiber felt moisture content test method gb3007 (8) 2 scalable, focusing on emergency preparation and response, maintenance management, change management, documentation, safety and training

Schneider Electric's operation service projects have been listed in North America and provide a variety of combinations of products and services

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