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Schneider Electric has become a supplier member of boma China

Shanghai, China. On May 11, 2018, recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, announced that it has officially become a supplier member of boma China (International Association of building owners and managers, China). With the standardized procedures established by boma in the field of commercial real estate asset management, the best cotton fabric makes the skin surface temperature 3.6 730 higher than the new cooling fabric; F practice, as well as Schneider Electric's digital products and complete solutions based on the ecostruxure system architecture for the building market, the two sides will jointly help improve the level of project operation and management and effectively enhance the value of commercial real estate

nowadays, with the acceleration of urbanization, the construction and operation of commercial real estate are facing multiple new challenges. 2. Come on: how to further tap the potential of energy conservation and efficiency, optimize management, and finally improve the value of real estate has become the common focus of real estate developers and managers

boma is an international joint organization with a history of more than 100 years. It has set up branches in 17 countries and refined a set of standardized procedures and practical tools according to the best practices of commercial real estate with an area of more than 1.6 billion square meters worldwide. It is a globally recognized representative organization with a leading role in the field of commercial real estate asset management last year. Boma China was officially established in June, 2010. As an open international industry platform, it has made great contributions to China's commercial real estate industry

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as a leader in the field of commercial construction, Schneider Electric has provided equipment and services for more than onemillion buildings worldwide. With in-depth insight into the industry, relying on ecostruxure for the building market, combined with the most complete and innovative software and hardware intelligent products in the industry, Schneider Electric has created an industry-leading and complete solution to fully stimulate the energy-saving potential of buildings, Build green intelligent commercial buildings for the future to ensure the safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable development of the business environment

after strict qualification examination, Schneider Electric has officially become a member of boma China supplier. The mission of boma is to improve the human assets, intellectual assets and physical assets of the commercial real estate industry through advocacy, research, standards, information and education. Schneider Electric takes the collection of intelligence, efficiency and wisdom to lead the future as the core concept, and helps different types of commercial buildings to achieve economic efficiency, green and safety of energy and management. Since then, the two sides will establish a more perfect international operation and management system for commercial real estate owners and managers, apply digital means to make more commercial real estate reach the best operation state, protect and improve asset value, promote the orderly construction of the industrial ecosystem, and work together to achieve sustainable development

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