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Schneider Electric Automation Innovation Center was completed in Shanghai

global power and control expert Schneider Electric's China Automation Innovation Center in Shanghai was completed in Caohejing high tech park. This center will become one of Schneider Electric's three major automation innovation centers in the world. Mr. ericjegu, vice president of global OEM application of Schneider Electric, Mr. Wang Li, director of industrial market and strategic key account sales department of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. He Mingkang, manager of automation marketing department of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and more than 20 representatives from various industry partners attended the opening ceremony

this center is another automation solution experimental base after Germany and the United States. The completion of this center marks another big step in Schneider Electric's solution sales direction

the center is composed of two parts: the preferment laboratory and the automation corridor. The automation center will be committed to improving the efficiency of application development and accelerating the speed of putting the new automation system architecture into practical application. By understanding the needs of different users, we provide rigorous tested and verified application solutions for a wide range of markets, models and equipment, promote the optimization and upgrading of existing automation solutions, provide support for various factory automation and process control applications, and meet the market needs of China and the world

<4. Which micrometer is used to accurately measure the inner diameter of each stainless steel wire eye? P> ericjegu, vice president of global OEM application of Schneider Electric, said: "automation is one of the important cores of Schneider Electric's business. We help our customers improve efficiency and machine performance by providing automation solutions. Shanghai Automation Innovation Center is one of our major investment projects in the world."

Mr. Wang Li also believes that: "From the design, research and development, production to the market of a new equipment; from the foundation laying, construction to the use of a new factory; the whole process is constantly changing with the market demand, requiring more professional control to meet the higher requirements of the market; for the automatic control after connecting it to the force sensor of the tensile testing machine, in addition to simple supply services, it is also required to provide automatic scheme formulation, application development, programming and debugging, 'complete solutions' such as global services. "

Mr. He Mingkang said: "Innovation is the consistent tradition of Schneider Electric Automation, which has obtained so many patents. Since the world's first plcmodicon 084, Schneider Electric has been committed to providing innovation and providing more and better support to customers. Today, the opening of Shanghai Automation Innovation Center is only the beginning... It is the first to promote the preferred implementation scheme, system architecture and the latest application methods to promote and benefit users. The former requires the use of Coarse abrasive step. "

the completion of this center marks that China will become another automation scheme experimental base of Schneider Electric after Germany and the United States. Schneider Electric's investment and attention to China's Automation Center fully shows its great attention to the Chinese market and its firm commitment to Chinese users, and also reflects Schneider Electric's unremitting pursuit of innovative technology and leading automation control solutions, And confidence in China's continued investment

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