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On July 22, 2008, Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd. and a number of domestic competitors competed fiercely for the bidding for the project of "intelligent bus dispatching vehicle terminal system" of Xiamen Communications Group, which plays a decisive role in measuring the precision of public tension. Finally, Lansi communication became the leading vehicle terminal product for intelligent bus dispatching in China, With a solution that practically meets the needs of customers, and strong technical strength, it has defeated many domestic competitors, and successfully won the bid in the transformation of the first batch of 1800 vehicles of Xiamen public transport group, which are intelligent and free of phthalates

based on gprs/cdma/edge/t, the intelligent bus vehicle terminal independently developed by Xiamen Lansi communication Youfan feeling Co., Ltd. is good at developing product D and other networks whose performance parameters are confirmed in advance at the request of customers. It has GPS positioning, SMS adjustment information, automatic station reporting, manual auxiliary station reporting, led synchronous display of arrival information, regular return, emergency alarm, manual service prompt, and picture capture, Door opening and closing alarm, overspeed alarm, remote parameter setting, remote update program, driver attendance management, multi line switching, voice call and other functions, which integrate real-time monitoring, production and operation management, command and dispatching and other functions, improve public transport service and travel efficiency, and realize the intellectualization of public transport operation and dispatching and the modernization of operation management. The terminal adopts an industrial grade 32-bit processor with high performance and low power consumption. All devices are industrial grade devices of international well-known brands. The products are designed and produced according to industrial standards, and can be used for monitoring in the harsh environment on the bus

intelligent public transport has just started in China, and the market prospect of intelligent bus dispatching vehicle terminal products is huge. Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd., with leading design and R & D capacity in the industry, adheres to the concept of service-oriented and technology winning, and actively expands the market space. Intelligent bus vehicle terminals have been widely used in urban common bus, BRT and other intelligent bus management systems in Northeast, southwest, East and South China

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