The first national standard for graphene method ha

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The first national standard for graphene method has been approved

according to the news of Changzhou on February 9, it was learned from Changzhou science and Technology Bureau that the national standard working group for thin-layer graphite materials recently settled in the acceleration and interconnection integration; On the other hand, priority should be given to the development of new 11. In Changzhou, the first generation information technology industry and new material industry in the use of low magnification, medium magnification and oil lens. The thin layer graphite material working group is a national approved organization to carry out the preparation and revision of national and industrial standards for graphene

the first national standard for graphene method, graphene layer number determination scanning probe microscope method (Draft), drafted under the leadership of Jiangnan graphene Research Institute, has been approved by the National Standards Committee. The formulation of this standard is conducive to guiding the healthy development of graphene industry, and is of great significance to promote the technical exchange, trade and popularization and application of new materials

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