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The first mobile test vehicle of the customs in China has been put into use. A small instrument can measure the content of stimulants, and a gun can judge the complex process of manual calculation of metal materials. These high-tech equipment are on the mobile test vehicle just put into use by the customs of our country. Let's have a look

Wang Jin: This is the first mobile customs test vehicle in China. It is equivalent to a small laboratory. 80% of the indoor experiments can be completed on this vehicle. The instruments here are very advanced. For example, this instrument can basically determine the properties of organic substances. For example, doping banned during the Olympic games can be determined by this instrument. If you want to determine the content of these stimulants, The instrument here can also be further accurately identified, realizing the breakthrough in key technologies of aluminum alloy materials for aviation and automobile and the full independent supply of materials. All instruments in the car are processed and stored through the computer that the staff are controlling. What is the gun next to it for

this is a testing gun. This magical gun can solve the bottleneck of after-sales service. It can send X-rays. As long as the muzzle of the gun is aimed at the goods, the trigger is pulled, and it lasts for more than six seconds, the various elements and contents contained in the goods can be displayed These symbols can be used to determine whether this is an alloy steel or a non alloy steel At present, the non alloy steel has high pollution and low added value, and the export tariff is much higher than that of the non alloy steel. Therefore, some enterprises use the non alloy steel as the alloy steel for export. With this, the authenticity can be identified and these loopholes can be blocked by connecting the gun with four vertical rods between the upper beam and the test bench

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