The hottest plastic drainage pipe has a broad mark

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The development prospect of plastic drainage pipe market is broad.

HDPE hollow wall winding pipe is a new type of plastic drainage pipe developed in the 1990s. It aims to replace concrete pipe drainage engineering. Its experimental speed is low and it is widely used. South Korea has now taken the lead in the application of hollow wall drainage pipes in the world. Data shows that by the end of 1999, 60% of urban drainage pipes in South Korea have completed the work of HDPE winding pipes instead of cement pipes. Japan is also accelerating this replacement process

the drainage pipe is waiting for friends

China is a country with water resources shortage. With the acceleration of economic development and urbanization, the scope of urban water shortage continues to expand, and the degree of water shortage is becoming increasingly serious; At the same time, problems such as difficult implementation of water-saving measures and serious water pollution have become increasingly prominent. Solving the problem of urban water shortage has become an urgent task for China's current economic and social development. To this end, the State Council (2000) No. 36 document issued the "notice on strengthening water conservation and water pollution prevention and control in urban water supply". It is required that all cities set up during the Tenth Five Year Plan period must build sewage treatment facilities. With the increasing requirements of modern social industries for products, in 2005, in cities with a population of more than 50 million, the sewage treatment rate should reach more than 60%; By 2010, the sewage treatment rate of all cities should be no less than 60%, and that of municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capitals, cities specifically designated in the state plan and key scenic and tourism cities should be no less than 70%. This undoubtedly brings huge business opportunities to related industries

in July this year, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress passed a proposal to invest 180billion yuan in municipal construction during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. After the successful bid for the Olympic Games on July 13, another 100billion yuan was invested. Five of them are used for environmental protection and governance. In the next five years, 12 sewage treatment plants will be built, and by 2007, the sewage treatment rate in Beijing will reach 90%

all these show that the environmental protection industry, especially the urban drainage industry, has unlimited business opportunities to be developed. According to estimates of relevant departments, in the next few years, China's investment in drainage pipes will reach tens of billions of yuan, and as a substitute for old drainage pipes, a plastic buried drainage pipe will occupy many shares of this huge investment

the general trend of replacing the old with the new

in the past, China mainly used the lowest price flat interface concrete pipe or reinforced concrete pipe in the drainage pipe. However, due to its unstable chemical properties and lax connection of pipes, it is easy to leak, which often becomes the main factor of environmental pollution, and the construction is inconvenient, the construction cost is expensive, and the service life is short. Plastic pipes have stable properties and long service life. When the major earthquakes occurred in Osaka and Kobe in Japan in the 1990s, almost all traditional pipelines were damaged, while most plastic pipelines were intact. Many developed countries have already applied plastic buried drainage pipelines

with the attention paid by the state to environmental protection and water conservation when receiving user failure information, many regions have gradually realized the advantages of plastic drainage pipes, which have been widely used in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc

because of the huge demand for plastic buried drainage pipes in China, many foreign enterprises began to enter

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