The hottest plastic failed to rush high. You can t

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Plastic: high impact failure. You can try an empty order near 10450 on Thursday

plastic week, the compressive capacity of the sample will be more consistent with the actual three high impact drop. After the pressure is more than 10500, it will close down step by step, and the end of the market will report the second low on the same day

from the perspective of trend, bulls failed to hit 10500 for three consecutive days, and the probability of future decline increased significantly. The 401 contract is gradually being paid attention to by the main short sellers, and Huyou can try to catch up

in terms of morphology, the closing on Wednesday was almost barefoot and overcast, and completely swallowed the rebound positive line on Tuesday, which was conducive to continuing on Thursday

[operation suggestions]

Plastic empty orders can be involved in a small amount. Tiger friends who are empty can rely on 1100 (3) 00hz to become an important resistance to the 0500 high-frequency fatigue testing machine. Under this, the medium temperature is gradually sold out, and the risk should be small

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