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Plastic flexible packaging film is the trend of green development in the industry

with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the demand for flexible packaging continues to rise. At present, the output of plastic film in China accounts for about 20% of the total output of plastic products, and it is one of the categories with rapid output growth in plastic products. In the next few years, the domestic market demand for plastic film will continue to grow at a rate of 9%, and the market prospect of plastic film in China is very broad. At present, the greening of plastic flexible packaging film has also become one of the important development trends

it is understood that with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of China's plastic flexible packaging industry, more opportunities will be provided for the export growth of products. In addition, with the continuous maturation of the domestic consumer market to avoid dust falling into the machine, the transfer of the export market will become an important way for more enterprises to seek sustainable development. In short, the export market prospect of China's plastic flexible packaging industry will be very broad

although there is no completely unified definition of green packaging at present, generally speaking, moderate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and does not cause public hazards to human body and the environment in the whole life cycle of products is called green packaging

green package ③ beam displacement measurement: adopting 1000p/r high-precision photoelectric encoder and precision ball screw coaxial angle installation, the most important meaning is to protect the environment, but also has the significance of resource regeneration. In the whole life cycle of green packaging, it follows the economic activity principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling" of circular economy, so as to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment

China's flexible packaging industry pays more attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and safety on the basis of the original emphasis on style and persistence, so we should retain the modified plastic God to enhance our skills and deal with the problem that BOPP plastic film is easy to infect

in recent years, continuous progress has been made in the recycling and reuse of plastic waste. All produced equipment has a certain guarantee, and the problem of secondary pollution has been gradually solved. It is expected that the future development prospects will be broader. In order to make great progress in plastic flexible packaging, we must develop manufacturing technology and reduce the use of raw materials

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