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Plastic extruders become indispensable equipment in the market

in the whole plastic machinery industry, extruders, as one of the important varieties, have an indispensable position in the market. Extruders account for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery. With their clear functions, they have a decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special capacity

although, for example, the global economic situation in the first half of 2012 was not optimistic, many extruder enterprises encountered difficulties in the decline of market orders. However, with the economic recovery, the extruder market potential in 2013 is unlimited. According to the statistics made by the former State Economic and Trade Commission, during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, about 14million tons of waste plastics in China were not recycled every year, and the recycling rate was only 25%. The direct waste of resources was as high as 28billion yuan/year

it is a good thing for the country and the people to keep the plastic recycling industry healthy and sustainable. This industry has made great progress in recent years, and some places have formed a "renewable plastic industrial park with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan, which Yan Jian said was of a certain scale, and the local government took advantage of the situation to cultivate

it is expected that the government will give better play to its functions and issue relevant regulations and standards to correctly guide the recycling of waste plastics, which can adopt spray free high gloss materials. Operators in this industry should improve production technology, integrate science and technology into production, improve product quality, create brand products, and pay attention to saving resources and preventing environmental pollution, so as to bring benefits to themselves and society

engineering plastics are modified by reciprocating single screw mixing extruder. The plastic extruder can give engineering plastics better performance, improve some of its own shortcomings, reduce costs, and improve processing performance. Short glass fiber enhances polyolefin, with the addition of glass fiber up to 40%, and the mixing effect is better than that of twin-screw, because the shear strength of twin-screw is larger, and the average effective length of glass fiber is short

in the future, with the continuous rise of domestic plastic machinery enterprises, more efficient and energy-saving plastic machinery have also emerged. In addition to foreign strong competitors, the strength of these domestic plastic machinery enterprises is also beginning to not be underestimated. And China's plastic extrusion technology will gradually mature and break through in a better direction

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