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Hong Kong plastic enterprises will enter the medical industry

a group of Hong Kong enterprises, including large plastic companies, hope to turn Hong Kong into a hot land for medical equipment manufacturing. One of the enterprise leaders believes that more efforts must be redoubled to achieve this goal

Hong Kong manufacturing enterprises used to rely on low-cost production in the mainland to occupy the market, but now the rising operating costs of these factories, coupled with the depression in the European and American markets, which are their traditional export destinations, have caused a great blow to them

but now, some of these enterprises hope to integrate their strength in the production of consumer electronics and other export products, whose noise level is at the world's advanced level in the field of truck engines in the western market, and then take advantage of Hong Kong's natural advantages in medical treatment and higher education to develop Hong Kong into a more attractive global medical device manufacturing center

Hong Kong has always been an important place for precision manufacturing of plastics, metals and electronics. Now we need to try to combine this traditional strength with its solid foundation in biomedical engineering courses and clinical research in Colleges and universities to promote the commercialization of new medical technologies. This is the view of johnchai, chairman of the Hong Kong Medical and health equipment industry association

Chai, who is also the manager of Foton Technology Co., Ltd., a plastic molder and measurement equipment manufacturer, said: what we need to do is to launch a medical innovation plan to coordinate this innovation activity. We need pioneers to set an example, and government agencies may also play this role. They can not only do a good job in their own enterprises, but also organically integrate all the above elements

on November 4, in an interview at the opening ceremony of Hong Kong International Medical equipment and supplies exhibition, he said that the medical manufacturing industry in Hong Kong is still in its infancy

however, he revealed that since 2004, the export volume of medical equipment and health care products in Hong Kong without the use of harmful solvents has soared by 50%, reaching US $4.2 billion last year

Chai said that for a long time, Hong Kong enterprises have mainly supplied consumer electronics, toys and other products to large multinational companies, but they need to open up higher-end markets and strengthen product innovation. He believed that the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission could play a more powerful role in promoting healthcare innovation

davidwong, President of business development of Hong Kong injection molding business medical creation Co., Ltd., said that although local enterprises in Hong Kong have rich export experience in developed markets such as North America, Europe and Japan, they will still face obstacles in developing the production of medical devices, because now there are international doubts about whether China can produce medical products that meet world standards

Wong said that medical creation Co., Ltd. cooperates with doctors to produce complete minimally invasive surgical instruments, such as tissue extraction bags and laparoscopic equipment, in its Shenzhen factory. Sometimes they find that American companies who care about risks always have doubts about China as a medical production place

however, Hong Kong plastic enterprises involved in medical business said that on the whole, their ability to fight the economic depression was stronger than enterprises in other fields

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