The hottest plastic drink bottle will also explode

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Plastic drink bottles will also explode

I wanted to drink fresh fruit juice, but I was injured in my eyes. Surprisingly, it is not only beer bottles that will suddenly explode, but also drink bottles that are more terrible. Yesterday, it was learned from Jiangsu consumers' Association that since the beginning of the summer, consumers' associations at all levels in the province have repeatedly received complaints of injuries caused by the explosion of beverage bottles

Yangzhou consumer Mr. Shen recently bought several bottles of plastic bottles in the supermarket to try out the dispensing methods and precautions. Fresh fruit juice drinks were placed at home. Ten days later, when he took out one of them for drinking, he suddenly made a "bang" sound, and the bottle cap was pushed out by the gas, flying past Mr. Shen's eyelids. Mr. Shen had six stitches on his eyelids. "Shake it before drinking" is the slogan of a brand of beverage, and Mr. Yao, a Shanghai consumer, had trouble "shaking". The beverage bottle suddenly burst, and the bottle cap just hit Mr. Yao's nose, immediately bleeding all over his face...

it is understood that the beverage bottles that are prone to the above explosion hazards are mainly used to contain carbonated acid, fruit juice and other beverages. Quality supervision experts believe that in order to ensure the taste, many fruit juice drinks now adopt low-temperature filling, low-temperature transportation and low-temperature storage. However, if these processes are slightly inappropriate, the beverage will ferment after leaving the low temperature conditions, the bacteria will accelerate the reproduction, the beverage in the bottle will deteriorate, and the pressure in the bottle will gradually increase, which is very prone to explosion

the Consumer Association reminds that when purchasing fruit juice drinks, you must carefully read the product logo and pay attention to its green and environmental protection digital direct composite polyurethane adhesive as the plate making material of the industry's medium and high-end products, including tube, opening and eating conditions. Pay attention to safety precautions when opening to avoid personal injury

source: Modern Express

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