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Plastic film packaging materials become fashionable

the "squeeze bubble desk calendar" produced with plastic film

many people have such experience: buy a set of lamps and lanterns home, open the package, and the delicate and vulnerable parts such as lampshades and bulbs are tightly wrapped by a kind of plastic film full of small bubbles. "It's just an outer package", many people directly threw away this plastic film, but a Japanese enterprise found business opportunities from it

"squeeze bubble" is on the best-selling list

on the new year shopping list of major stations in Japan, this kind of plastic film called "squeeze bubble" is almost on the list. At first glance, "squeeze bubble" is not much different from ordinary packaging, but it has richer colors, but many Japanese girls are infatuated with this fashionable new pastime. Qiaozi, a 16-year-old high school student, wrote in her online shopping message: "this is really great. The crisp sound of bursting bubbles and the touch of fingertips are fascinating!"

among the many "extruded" products, the most popular one among all thermoplastic materials that can withstand the temperature range of 275 ℃ is a product called "heart-shaped foam", whose bubble parts are pressed into heart-shaped, with five colors of technical materials bent from powder metal materials, orange, green, yellow and blue. In order to attract male consumers, Japanese enterprises have also launched a sock shaped bubble bag

"bubble extrusion desk calendar" has practical functions. In this kind of desk calendar made of bubble plastic film, the date is pressed into bubbles, and one bubble is squeezed every night before going to bed. The advertisement of the business said, "that voice may sound different from each other, and the difference can only be realized according to the experience of the day."

spend nearly 100 million on transformation

27 year old Japanese girl Sugiyama was the inventor of the "squeeze foam" product. At that time, she worked as an employee in a packaging enterprise, chuanshang industry company. "Many people around me like to spend time with this plastic film. I think this product will have a market.". After seeing her proposal, the president of the company immediately decided to fully support it

"squeeze bubble" has experienced many difficulties during the three years from proposal to listing. For example, the initial product positioning was enterprise groups, and only when the results were not great did they turn their attention to individual consumers. When promoting to individuals, customers reported that the whole "squeeze foam" plastic film was very inconvenient to carry on the body, and there was no way to start it in the hand, "it was not easy to use". As a result, Sugiyama reduced the size of the plastic film, and designed perforations for the large "squeeze bubble" plastic film, which can be torn off one by one like a stamp. The biggest problem is to produce heart-shaped bubbles, which are easy to leak at the sharp corners. To this end, the company spent nearly 100 million yen on mold transformation

going to the WorldExpo

Shenhua level 1, Hebei's arrival drop of 10 has paid off. After the "squeeze bubble" series was launched, the sales situation was very good. Many people put this product in their pockets and use it to pass the time when they are lonely. "Squeeze bubble" has also found a new selling point for female consumers: often holding it in your hand can reduce a lot of time to eat snacks, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Kawakami industrial company became famous overnight from a single packaging material factory

Aichi county will host the World Expo on March 25. At that time, the "bubble squeezing" products will be fully displayed at the venue. In addition to the pure recreational bubble squeezing plastic film, there are bubble squeezing paintings and bubble squeezing houses with a height of 4 meters and an area of 24 square meters, which can block the wind and rain. This company may usher in greater business opportunities

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