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"Plastic floor" appears in the exhibition of energy conservation, environmental protection and scientific and technological products

decoration materials not only have zero pollution, but also can absorb formaldehyde and purify indoor air. At the "2010 China Changchun third energy conservation and environmental protection and scientific and technological products exhibition" opened on the 15th, various energy-saving and environmental protection products, including "plastic flooring", were unveiled. These products not only surprise people, but also convey a concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

what are you most worried about in home decoration? I believe that most people will rank "formaldehyde pollution" first. At yesterday's "energy saving Exhibition", the display cabinet of a "zero pollution" decoration material was crowded with visitors who came to consult the more common metal 3D printing process in the laser additive manufacturing reference electric bed fusion series. It feels like cement and looks like volcanic mud. Its real name is actually diatom mud. According to the manhole manager in charge of the booth, this diatom mud is China's top environmental protection product. The product is developed by lifting the inorganic diatomite ore with a pen that records the value. It is a patented product in China. According to the operation of each part, the diatom mud not only has "zero pollution" by itself, but also can purify the air and eliminate formaldehyde

I've heard of bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, and I've seen plastic flooring for the first time. At the exhibition, a "floor" that looks like a "brick" attracted the attention of most people. Pick it up with your hand and find that the "brick" is very heavy, but the feel is not rough. According to the exhibitor, this "plastic wood floor" is made of plastic and wood fiber. Among them, 30% is plastic and 70% is wood fiber. The floor has been used in the 2008 Olympic Games and the upcoming WorldExpo in 2010

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