The hottest plastic film is seen a lot. Do you rea

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I've seen a lot of plastic film. Do you really know it

plastic film refers to a plastic product with a certain thickness (thickness 0..25mm), width and infinite length, smooth and soft surface, which is formed on the plastic forming machinery and equipment with PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins as the main raw materials, and after other additives are evenly mixed in a certain proportion

first, the use of plastic film

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the application of plastic film can be seen everywhere. It is used as mulch film in agricultural production and the packaging of various agricultural products; Used as packaging of various industrial products in industrial production; In people's daily life, it is used as clothing and food packaging, rain proof appliances, toys and decorations, etc; There are also composite films on the surface of various materials and special functional applications

II. Type of plastic film

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BOPP plastic film not only has the advantages of low density, good corrosion resistance and good heat resistance of PP resin, but also has good optical properties, high mechanical strength and rich sources of raw materials. PVA high barrier composite film is based on polyethylene plastic. It has good barrier performance and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It has a broad market space in the food industry. LDPE polyethylene products have low density, softness and durability, which are good at low temperature and impact resistance during the processing of glass fiber reinforced materials, and have good electrical insulation properties, as well as eight categories, including polyester film (PET), nylon polyamide (PA), cast polypropylene film (CPP), aluminized plastic film, etc

specific use in industrial production

III. common problems of plastic film

as we all know, crystal point is a common problem in film manufacturers. Especially for large-area plastic film printing, the "white dot" waste products caused by crystal dots are a large proportion of losses in the production process of plastic bag industry. Common problems of plastic film industry problem diagnosis, such as product surface whitening, product cracking, surface oil contamination, black spots and foreign matters, etc.; rubber industry, such as surface whitening, foreign matter precipitation

IV. technical methods of formula analysis

formula analysis mainly solves some product performance problems caused by inaccurate grasp of the formula proportion of products and additives during the production process, or some impurity components are mixed in the production process, At present, the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of unknown components are mainly carried out by means of spectrum analysis technology (spectrum, chromatography, energy spectrum, mass spectrometry, electron microscope spectrum), so as to determine the cause of the problem and formulate the best solution

the formula analysis scheme of plastic film is based on finding out the failure reason, the source of foreign matter, the extraction method of foreign matter, the replacement of raw materials, comparing the high-end formula, forming the product composition analysis report, issuing the authoritative analysis and detection report, and finally being interpreted by experts for technical guidance, basic formula, problem-solving suggestions, etc

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