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Plastic film has developed rapidly in China. As the largest category of plastic products, plastic film has developed very rapidly in China in recent years, accounting for 20% of the total output of plastic products in China. At present, the synthetic resin raw materials used in the production of plastic films in China are mainly polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polyester, and the processing methods include blow molding, biaxial stretching, tape casting, etc. Plastic films can be widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and other fields. About 2/3 of them are used as packaging materials in China. Agricultural plastic films account for about 30%, including greenhouse films and mulch films. According to the use of machines and the service life of oil, the rest are used as electrical materials, photosensitive materials and electronic information materials

experts predict that the demand for plastic film in the domestic market may continue to grow at an annual rate of 9% in the near future, and the market prospect is very broad. At present, there are more than 2240 plastic film production enterprises in China, with an output of more than 5000 tons last year. 2. Then there are 65 computer-based universal material testing machine receiving enterprises, 25 enterprises with an output of more than 10000 tons and 3 enterprises with an output of more than 50000 tons. This magazine selected 30 domestic enterprises with considerable strength in film manufacturing to make the following special report

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