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Plastic enterprises can enjoy up to 30% of storage subsidies

recently, the B2B platform Dayi plastic opened the "Financial Storage" function, which not only brings up to 30% of storage subsidies to plastic enterprises, but also has the characteristics of high security, strong professionalism, and flexible conversion of cargo logistics and capital flow, which can help plastic enterprises solve storage and financing problems at one stroke

according to the introduction, at present, Dayi warehousing is divided into two modes: traditional warehousing and industrial chain warehousing. All warehousing costs can enjoy a subsidy of up to 30%, which is much lower than the market price after discount. Traditional warehousing includes ordinary warehousing and bonded warehousing; Industrial chain warehousing includes three modes: Warehousing transaction, warehousing finance and warehousing finance transaction. Among them, the concept of "financial warehousing" proposed by the service platform is to borrow funds for customers through bank credit and warehouse pledge and other modes, so as to alleviate the financial tension of customers

plastic enterprises can enjoy up to 30% storage subsidies

"financial warehousing" simply means that plastic traders can store goods in the designated Daye warehouse at a lower cost through more professional quality inspection, so as to obtain a financing limit of 72% of the value of goods

this new warehousing method naturally has many advantages: revitalize the customer's capital flow, because the warehousing goods occupy too much liquidity, expand the enterprise's capital strength through warehousing financing; Increase customers' financing channels and their own business reputation, and lay the foundation for their long-term development; Preferential bank loan interest rates and financial costs, saving financing costs for customers; The integration of platform transaction and supervision warehouse simplifies and facilitates the transaction and financing process

in fact, as early as last year, Dayi Yousu has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Humen Port. It is planned that in the next five years, China will strive to build a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology, with Humen Port as the center and the Pearl River Delta region as the support, and gradually expand its business scope to the whole country. Therefore, oil refining enterprises have been canceled by the state as a free and socialized warehousing and logistics trading platform

it is reported that warehouses 3 and 4 in the bonded warehouse of Dongguan Humen Port warehousing bonded logistics center are the main delivery warehouses for plastic raw materials of Dayi plastic platform in Dongguan and surrounding areas, with a warehouse area of 46000 square meters. The first phase of the follow-up platform plans to deploy 20 delivery warehouses nationwide with a storage capacity of 300000 tons. At present, Humen Gangbao gives customers a reference. There are tool accessory boxes and documents in the chassis of the experimental machine. 46000 square meters of warehouses 3 and 4 in the tax package logistics park have been put into operation, and other delivery warehouses will continue to expand according to the planning and business scale

in addition to the cooperation of Humen Port, Dayi Yousu will also work with COSCO logistics to jointly open special shipping lines with Humen Port as the core, such as Humen Port Shantou port, Humen Port Ningbo port, Humen Port Shanghai port, Humen Port Tianjin port, which radiate all ports around the country, greatly reducing the logistics and transportation costs of customers; At the same time, the platform will also expand relevant logistics lines according to the transaction situation of the customer platform, and try its best to meet the logistics distribution needs of customers of Daye platform

Taking Dongguan as the starting point, Dayi Yousu has launched its warehousing in Zhangmutou, Changping and other plastic distribution markets. In the future, it will rely on South China and radiate across the country, building 80 delivery warehouses with a warehouse capacity of 1million tons. Its big data of "cloud warehouse storage" can effectively ensure the safety of goods, where goods can be seen immediately, and ensure the "transparent sharing of data and real-time interaction of processes" of plastic warehousing logistics

with the continuous improvement of the service platform, Dayi Yousu has reasonably integrated financial tools into the traditional warehousing business to realize the intellectualization, networking, automation and financialization of warehousing and logistics management, which will bring a new scene to the plastic industry. Plastic enterprises can enjoy the online convenience of spot trading, warehousing and logistics, financial services and so on "without leaving the circle"

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