The hottest plastic family has great powers

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"Plastic" family, magic power

&e welding technology, etc. have not been solved well so far. The thermomechanical process of materials is shorter than that of single screw extruder by more than 50%; Organic plastics are everywhere in our life, and their use has gone beyond the use of metal and inorganic non-metallic materials. It has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, oil erosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, toughness, low cost and so on. Of course, the disadvantages are that it is difficult to degrade and the cost performance of recycling and reprocessing is not high. At present, the plastic products used in the market are mainly the following:

polypropylene: commonly used in food packaging

food film, daily necessities, such as plastic boxes that can be heated in microwave ovens, super suns accessory fixtures, fixed installation, stretching, tearing, zigzagging, cutting and other test experimental city all kinds of food packaging materials. One of the most common polymer materials in daily life

polystyrene: commonly used in medical and health appliances

high frequency insulating materials, radar components, medical and health appliances

polymethylmethacrylate: common types of automotive glass

commonly known as "plexiglass", automotive glass, optical instruments, medical devices, and a large number of other products should be able to use

phenolic plastic: commonly used insulating switch boxes

electrical equipment, electrical insulating plastics, automotive components Aerospace field

polytetrafluoroethylene: iron pot or enamel pot lining, high temperature resistance, non stick pot, oil resistance

electrical appliances, aviation, chemistry, refrigeration, high temperature and low temperature resistance, also known as perfluorinated king, high-grade lining non stick pot ingredients

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