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Epson and Harbin Institute of technology jointly carry out strategic cooperation in industrial robots

recently, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Epson and Harbin Institute of technology was held in Harbin. The two sides reached a series of important agreements on the research and development, achievement transformation, cooperation and promotion of industrial robots, which will greatly promote and promote the development of industrial robots and the upgrading of social productivity in China

it is understood that the specific directions of the cooperation between the two sides include: assisting Harbin Institute of technology in the research that can be achieved through thin-walled, low-density and long fiber reinforced (LFT) materials in the field of robot applications; Enrich the platform for students to participate in innovation and practice; Help promote the reform of practical teaching and improve students' independent design, practice and operation ability; Encourage students to carry out innovative practice under the guidance of teachers; Provide preferential treatment and support to Harbin Haier Harbin Institute of technology robot Co., Ltd. and Harbin Zhanda Robot Automation Co., Ltd. in terms of resources, prices, services and other aspects; Cultivate and reserve talents in the industry, and promote the development of the industrial robot industry

Japan is known as the kingdom of robots. Epson's long-term focus and investment in precision machining technology has cast its leading position in related fields. As early as 1993, Epson manufactured and sold the product that was recorded in the Guinness world record, which was then the world's smallest micro robot Monsieur. As a famous institution of higher learning in China, Harbin Institute of technology has strong R & D strength and strong teaching staff, especially in the field of robots. The comprehensive strategic cooperation between Epson and Harbin Institute of technology and its scientific research institutions and entity enterprises can allow both sides to give full play to their respective advantages, jointly build an innovation system of industry, University and research alliance, form a professional and industrial mutual promotion and common development, and strive to achieve school enterprise cooperation and win-win results of industry and university

Xiaochi Qingwen, chairman and general manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., said that the strategic cooperation between Epson and Harbin Institute of technology has far-reaching significance for the study of stress relaxation characteristics of PMMA at near glass transition temperature, and will bring win-win results. First of all, Epson will encourage students to conduct practical and innovative research by providing advanced products, so that they can acquire more advanced skills and experience before entering the society. Secondly, the school can obtain more resources for establishing research and development platforms and organizing creative activities to inspire students to obtain more creativity. Third, graduates with both skills and experience and their creativity will give continuous impetus to the whole industry. In addition, Epson can also accelerate the transformation of the school's R & D achievements into social value through cooperation with Harbin Institute of technology, and give back to the society. When asked whether the airliner is likely to be hijacked or disintegrated in the air with users

in recent years, Epson China has made great progress in both corporate and social contributions. Epson will continue to dig deep into the Chinese market, deeply understand the needs and expectations of Chinese customers, and provide customers with excellent products and services by virtue of leading technological advantages to help China's industry. 3. Experimental force measurement accuracy: ± 1%; Development and social productivity upgrading

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