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Epson launches scanner Three Musketeers

recently, Epson USA launched several consumer scanners: perfection 24002 Hazlet photo, perfection 1660 photo and perfection 1260/1260 photo

the maximum resolution of these three scanners is 2400 respectively × 4,800 dpi、1,600 × 3200 DPI and 1200 × 2400 DPI, its 48 bit color scale ensures accurate color reproduction. At the same time, they scan photos, documents and graphics faster than previous Epson scanner models. The new scanner integrates four automatic scanning functions: start, scan to page, copy and email, which can easily scan images into pre prepared applications

Epson perfection 2400 photo is an updated model of perfection 1650 Photo Scanner, which is specially designed for graphic artists, amateur photographers and fever amateurs. This scanner is equipped with 35mm negative adapter, which can scan slides and negatives. It is reported that this scanner is expected to be officially launched in early August this year, with a retail price of about $299

perfection 1660 Photo Scanner is the preferred model for fever amateurs, home and office users. It is the replacement model of perfection 1650. It integrates 35mm negative adapter and can scan 35mm negative. It is reported that this new scanner will also be officially launched in August this year, and the market price is expected to be about $179

Epson Pe1 key operation only needs to put the required sample in the card slot. Rfection 1260 scanner is an alternative version of 1250 model, which is specially designed for novice scanners. The perfection 1260 photo model set has a standard 35mm slide adapter that can be used to scan negatives and slides. Users can purchase various optional accessories of perfection 1260 to enhance more functions. It is reported that the perfect 1260 and 1260 photo scanners are scheduled to be officially launched in August this year, with retail prices of $99 and $129 respectively

as the scanner becomes more powerful and easier to operate, more and more people use the scanner to enjoy photography. The three scanners launched by Epson this time are tailored to different user groups and will serve many photography hobbies in East Beijing, USA Start of granulator operation University researchers have developed a new method that can provide a more comprehensive choice for premature infants or other important medical equipment 3D printing customized catheters

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