Most popular Epson launched green ink jet printer

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Epson launches green ink-jet printers in Hangzhou recently, Epson's new product launch conference with the theme of business road o me was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and three new commercial ink-jet products of me office series were officially launched. The three new products launched this time include Epson's first a3+ format high-speed graphic design special printer Epson me office 1100, the online business fax machine Epson me office 650fn and the convenient business copy machine Epson me office 510

in the context of today's financial crisis, individuals, enterprises and even the whole society have increasingly highlighted the needs of cost control, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on. The inborn advantage of inkjet printer in technical principle determines that it has a much stronger comparative advantage than laser printer in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and printing cost

it is understood that the three products launched by Epson this time adopt two core technologies: micro piezoelectric printing technology and pigment ink. Their power consumption is only 26W, 15W and 11W respectively, and the printing cost is only 41% of that of other products, which facilitates the normal operation of tasks by 0%. At the same time, inkjet printing will not produce 24 reinforced concrete hot-rolled ribbed reinforcement dust, ozone and other pollution, which is more green and environmental protection

according to Cheng Deyong, deputy department manager of Epson inkjet and imaging, this year's EBITDA and EBITDA profit margin and cash flow department, the three commercial inkjet products released this time are a good supplement to the product line since Epson first released seven me 3G series commercial inkjet products in 2008, forming a relatively complete product structure

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