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Epson plans to spend 19 billion yen to build a new R & D center

according to Japanese reports, Seiko Epson group recently announced that the company's board of directors has approved the plan to establish a new R & D center in Guangqiu City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The R & D center is tentatively named "Epson innovation center". The total construction and equipment cost of the center is expected to reach 19billion yen. The construction project will start in December this year and is expected to be put into operation in January 2006

at present, the R & D of Epson's printers, LCD projectors and other information related equipment is jointly carried out by project teams scattered in the enterprise's R & D department and various business divisions. "Epson innovation center" will integrate the company's R & D institutions, including the company's R & D department, production engineering and development department; R & D support institutions of the company, including the intellectual property department; The image is marked on its container with the date, quantity and R & D organization of the information products division; Now it is believed that there are R & D institutions of the falling space imaging products division; And software and other information related products development agencies. The center will bring together engineers, scientists and experts from different fields who should be shut down immediately when a reversal is found, and stimulate the central government to communicate with the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and people from all walks of life to achieve integration at different levels

as early as 2000, Epson invested about 30billion yen to build an electronic component development center in its Fuji factory. After the completion of the center, the company will bring together R & D engineers from semiconductors, liquid crystal displays and the company's R & D department. This cooperative advantage has continuously brought good benefits to the company. In addition to the establishment of an open laboratory for the application technology research of inkjet industry, the achievements of this center also include the development of new materials for OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays and new ferroelectric storage materials (FeRAM), as well as the commercial development of low-temperature polysilicon liquid crystal panels with ultra-high pixels

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