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Epson century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink: depicting color art

up to now, large format printers have been successfully involved in many fields, such as image, digital proofing, inkjet photography, geographic information system and Engineering 1, efficiency elevation drawing printing, etc. with the diversification and deepening of applications, especially the high-end image market represented by art micro jet TM, higher requirements have been put forward for the output image quality, This means that the upgrading of ink technology, which is closely related to color expressiveness, must keep pace with the times. A few days ago, a new generation of pigment ink century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink, developed by Epson, the world's leading digital imaging enterprise, was unveiled. Based on the leading design concept, the product achieved a comprehensive optimization of image color by adding magenta ink with higher color density. At the same time, great breakthroughs have been made in the smooth transition of gray scale, the stable and solid installation and expansion of color gamut mixer, and the elimination of the phenomenon of same color and different spectrum. Therefore, although it is still an 8-color ink system, the color expressiveness of the new ink is no less than that of the 12 color product. While helping the large format printer to interpret the visual art together, it also leads the print output to a new era

expand new color gamut, image quality upper floor

century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink has made great achievements in the expansion of regional color gamut, using magenta and light magenta inks with higher color density. If the deployment of CMYK color is still not improved after inspection, the color gamut in magenta, red and blue areas has been greatly expanded, breaking through Pepsi blue Barbie powder and other major spot color reduction technology bottlenecks. In addition, the success of the trial sale of century rainbow k3vm pigment ink in Europe, Asia and Latin America proves that this is a miracle. It still maintains the advantage of smooth gray-scale transition and can more easily achieve accurate color control. At the same time, the color gamut performance of glossy photo paper, rough paper, smooth art paper and other media is no inferior to the existing 12 color ink system in the market

in addition, since RGB color is added to 12 color printing, the overall output effect should be adjusted by controlling CMYK and RGB color modes respectively. On the premise of ensuring accurate color restoration, 8-color printing does not need to control complex RGB colors. Its simplified color management program makes color control more concise. This new breakthrough brought by the development of pigment based ink chemistry technology will usher in another era of printout

precise color control and interpretation of black-and-white art

in the past, printing equipment often had problems such as insufficient color levels and gray scales with color traces when outputting black-and-white. The key is that the printer needs to use a large amount of color ink to combine into gray when depicting gray, so the driver must carefully weigh the gray level and gray purity, but the result is often that both are affected. Century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink continues the precise control of the gray balance of the previous generation of century rainbow K3 pigment ink, and achieves a smooth gray scale transition from the dark color area to the light color area. No matter it is dark or very light gray, there will be no color deviation or distortion. The optimized color stability makes the ICC curve production only need to wait half an hour, and the black-and-white art will jump on the paper

eliminate the same color spectrum and reject the bronzing effect

as we all know, the same color spectrum phenomenon refers to that the same color shows certain differences under the irradiation of different light sources. In the application fields of digital proofing, color printing, art reproduction, image works exhibition and other industries, it is of great commercial value and practical significance to reduce the phenomenon of homochromatism and make the color that people can feel visually close to the original to the greatest extent. In industrial standards, the size of E is generally used to express color deviation. The larger the value of E, the more serious the color deviation. Epson century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink, whose E 1 is much lower than the average value of the industrial standard of 3.6, has basically eliminated the phenomenon of metamerism. In addition, the same work represented by century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink has no bronzing effect from any angle of view, realizing the real WYSIWYG

century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink enables large format printing to go beyond the traditional image space and use color language that is more close to art for expression, which is undoubtedly a great leap forward for large-scale printing. In fact, the upgrading and expansion of any application requires technical support. The appearance of Epson century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink and its 64 inch large format printer Epson stylus Pro 11880c, which was launched simultaneously, once again amazed people at the great potential of inkjet technology, but also expanded the application range of large format printers from cad/gis, printing, art photography to more challenging high-end fields such as advertising graphics and art collections, Based on the deep cultivation in the inkjet field and the diligent pursuit of technological innovation, I believe that Epson, who is willing to make a difference in the large format market, will be able to go faster and more stable

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