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Epson adds a new "micro" force to bill printing

with the increasing prosperity of the market, the transaction volume of catering, retail and other industries continues to rise, prompting the growing demand for bill printing in these industries. Although the bill printing is small, it is related to the work efficiency and benefits of enterprises

in order to meet the needs of this rapid growth, enterprises in various industries need to consider the printing speed, volume and shape, durability and ease of use of the printer when purchasing bill printers. The bill printer, which is fast, adaptable to the use environment, and durable and easy to use, has become the perfect expectation of bill printers in the minds of enterprises in various industries. Epson's newly launched tm-t81 thermal micro printer has almost all the above characteristics. It has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, adding new force to the bill printing business of enterprises in various industries and improving the efficiency of bill printing

the shopping receipt printed by the bill printer is the only voucher for consumers to issue invoices and enjoy services such as return and replacement, which naturally attracts special attention from consumers. Now, it is not uncommon for large supermarkets to stop electromechanical products when they receive signals, and small tickets have become long tickets. However, we often feel that the printer is not as fast as usual when printing long tickets, which wastes time

to solve this problem, shortening the printing time of longer bills and improving the printing speed of the printer are undoubtedly the most direct solutions. Although Epson tm-t81 micro printer also has a nominal printing speed of 150mm/s, it will be faster and save more time than other printers with the same nominal speed. Epson's measurement method is to take the average value after continuous printing for a period of time. Therefore, Epson tm-t81 micro printer will print shorter tickets faster. When printing longer tickets, it will not consume more time. The sharp chrome plated knife head will cut paper instantly after printing. The whole process is completed at one go, which is more conducive to shopping malls Supermarkets and other enterprises may improve their processing performance by mixing polyamide 6 with special amorphous polyamide or polyamide copolymer, so as to improve work efficiency and improve consumers' shopping experience. Then carry out sequential experiments according to the serial number (the operator can also choose the serial number)

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