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The "Bund China brand innovation value list (Top100)" was released. Manufacturing brands account for half of the country

on May 9, on the occasion of the "China brand day", the "Bund China brand innovation value list (Top100)" jointly developed by the school of management of Fudan University and the Shanghai Institute of corporate culture and brand was officially released for the second time

from a global perspective, there are many researches on brand value evaluation theories and methods at home and abroad, but the "Bund brand list" is the only ranking list that studies the source and driving factors of brand value from the supply side. The "China brand day" was first established and released on May 10 last year. 5 The upgrading and expansion of main products have received positive repercussions from the whole society

more than 11000 companies were added to this year's list of enterprises database, reaching 16232 enterprises, including 3513 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 982 listed companies in Hong Kong stocks, 182 listed companies in U.S. stocks, and 11555 listed companies in the new third board. New enterprises and data have played an important role in the scientificity and robustness of the research model in this list

judging from the Top100 of this year's "Bund brand list", TMT (technology, media and communication) performed strongly. Among the top 10, China's annual sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 6 seats in 2020, and the top 5 accounted for 4 seats. Bat entered the top 10 for the first time. In particular, Alibaba has developed rapidly through Taobao, tmall, ant financial, rookie logistics, Alibaba cloud and other business platforms, as well as offline businesses such as new retail, and its ranking has risen from 17th in the previous year to 2nd

the performance of manufacturing industry is still good, and more than half of the listed enterprises come from manufacturing brands. Eight of the top 20 enterprises belong to the manufacturing industry (including petrochemical industry), and 13 new manufacturing brands have entered the list this time

large state-owned enterprises have taken up the flag. Half of the top 20 on the list belong to large state-owned groups, but the overall brand strength is more than enough, and the temperature is insufficient. For example, PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC have all declined in ranking to varying degrees. Jewelry and precious metal enterprises, affected by the price fluctuations of raw materials such as international gold prices, fell a lot in 2018 as a whole. For example, Chow Tai Fook fell to 50, down 22 places. Other gold jewelry brands did not enter the top 100 brand list. Sanjialong, manufactured by construction machinery, is equipped with portable Pete tillin, the engineering polymer product manager of Yiyi pladistribution, a brand enterprise of safe and reliable safety net components, said: "They will replace the more traditional EPDM rubber as the sealing material to break away from the top 100.

in addition, because the data structure published by financial enterprises is not suitable for unified processing in the mathematical model of this list, the list in 2018 still does not include financial institutions and financial enterprises. Some large enterprise groups cannot collect complete data to calculate the brand value-added status, such as Wanda and so on

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