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Epson 2011 focuses on promoting joint efforts and win-win results in industry channels

in fact, in recent years, the Chinese government has implemented a moderately loose monetary and fiscal policy, which has brought good development opportunities to the image input and output market, including printers and projectors. Last year, with the goal of continuously creating value for customers, Epson increased its research on industrial products and applications. Aiming at the industries in which its products are widely used, such as finance, e-government, teaching and experimental machine measurement system, medical treatment, printing, catering chain, retail chain, etc., Epson went deep into the customer site to understand the customer's needs, and customized a series of application solutions suitable for the industry, Contribute to reducing costs and improving profits for customers

where are the business opportunities in these industries this year? Wu Yuxuan said, first of all, in the financial field, last year we were shortlisted for ICBC and Bank of China. This year, ICBC's QR code printing, the IT blueprint launched by Bank of China in 11 provinces across the country, the post supervision system of Agricultural Bank of China and the window application of China Construction Bank all have different needs. I hope Epson can account for half of China

in the past, Epson provided the financial industry with solutions for cash, non cash, general deposit and withdrawal at the bank window, passbooks of investment and wealth management products and needle printing of documents. As the founder of needle punching, Epson has sold 10million sets since entering China, and has won the sales champion for many years. Its characteristics of stability, durability, humanization and convenience have been widely recognized by users. The PLQ-20K bankbook printer specially tailored for financial users can meet the needs of financial window services in an all-round way by virtue of its super stability, super high printing speed, humanized design and other advantages, and has been applied in many financial users

Wu Yuxuan also mentioned some other industry needs worthy of dealers' attention. In the power industry, the national power Nanfang power procurement center was established, and seven provincial measurement centers will be built in 2011, among which power supply companies and power projects will have bill demand; The petroleum and petrochemical industry will also usher in a procurement peak in 2011. Among them, it is worth noting that 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid is the demand for 80 column/106 column needle printing of bills; The communication industry is also developing rapidly. China Mobile and China Unicom both have large printing needs

In fact, in other industries such as medical treatment, e-government, printing, etc., Epson has also launched corresponding solutions and service innovation. Among them, Epson disc producer pp-100 disc printing recorder has played a supporting role in the coordination between local medical facilities, nursing facilities and other related facilities through the smooth cooperation with advanced medical equipment such as multi-slice CT or MRI. It is worth mentioning that, compared with laser printers, using inkjet printers in hospitals will not produce dust and ozone emissions. Click Merlin dye at the bottom, which can provide a healthy and environmentally friendly environment for medical staff and patients, not only faster and better, but also greener and environmentally friendly

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