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Epson has further entered the digital printing market.

Seiko Epson (hereinafter referred to as Epson, tse:6724) recently announced that its subsidiary, its polymer department, has recently found many fake DuPont products on the market. Italian Epson will acquire 17% of the shares of carbon fiber composite products such as X company 50 in Como, Italy. X is the leader in the printing industry, and this acquisition will help Epson further enter the digital printing market

x is located in Como, the core city of the Italian textile industry, specializing in the sales of printing inks, the production and sales of treatment agents used in the printing process, and the consulting of digital printing chemicals. This Italian company has maintained close cooperation with Epson since it entered the printing market in 2003, and jointly developed Mona Lisa digital printing machine with robustelli company in Italy

the two companies plan to help customers improve product quality and workflow efficiency through close cooperation. X will be responsible for marketing digital printing, selling Mona Lisa ink developed by Epson, and producing and selling treatment agents that are perfectly compatible with the ink and textiles

the textile printing industry is rapidly changing from analog mode to digital mode, and the digital printing business is expected to grow by 400% between 2010 and 2015. Epson will acquire x 50% shares, aiming to further expand its share in the digital printing market. This investment will closely integrate Epson's core inkjet printing technology with the global sales and service network and X's expertise in digital printing marketing, consulting and printing process. With the ultimate goal of expanding the digital printing market, the two companies will cooperate to develop high-quality products that support new fabrics, colors and styles, and provide customers with suggestions and services that can prove the advantages of digital printing

Minoru Usui, President of Epson, said: we are very happy to reach an agreement with X. This once again proves that Epson is committed to using its core micro piezoelectric technology to provide higher value to new customers in proofing, signage, commercial photography, production and industry. The average acceleration of Aimin is 75g (G is the local gravitational acceleration). Both Pushen and X are leaders in their respective fields, and this cooperation will provide a valuable opportunity for both sides to expand the digital printing market

Pietro roncoroni, President of

x, said: cooperating with multinational companies such as Epson gives us the opportunity to enter the growing global digital printing market and meet positive new challenges. Epson's decision to acquire 50% of our company shows that we are moving in the right direction. If there is a problem in one link of the experimental process, we will strive to expand the digital printing market with the goal of helping customers improve printing quality

Epson's vision requires the company to use its core technology to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of global customers. An important part of this strategy is to customize Epson's core micro piezoelectric inkjet printing technology to meet the needs of customers in digital printing and other commercial and industrial fields

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