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With the support of many enterprises, Sany full hydraulic roller has become the sales champion

supported by many enterprises, Sany full hydraulic roller has become the sales champion

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the sales data of March came out, and sany 22 ton full hydraulic roller achieved remarkable results, winning the sales champion of the full hydraulic category at one fell swoop! There is not only excellent strength, but also the support of countless enterprises

some of them are company decision makers, some are company purchasers, and some are equipment operators. Their different identities make them make the same choice - Sany 22 ton full hydraulic roller ssr220ac-8

how did this device impress them

the project requires higher requirements, which requires full hydraulic pressure

Liang Qiang is the boss of a construction company. He masters the company's overall plan and occasionally acts as an operator to operate equipment. It can be said that he knows everything from industry trends to equipment details

Liang Qiang, the owner of the road roller who has several positions, but he has some sweet worries about the upcoming project of Guizhou Expressway - the company's mechanical roller can press asphalt roads, but it can't face such a demanding project. In order not to lose such a big project, Liang Qiang decided to buy a full hydraulic roller

"I have been in this industry for so many years, and I used mechanical equipment before, so I am very clear about the shortcomings of mechanical equipment. In the future, it will definitely be the world of full hydraulic pressure, and the requirements for equipment in my future projects will definitely be higher and higher. Now it is the wisest choice to buy a full hydraulic roller!"

just because of his understanding of the equipment, Liang Qiang came to Sany on March 8, 2017 to get a close understanding of Sany 22 ton full hydraulic roller ssr220ac-8, and the digital display used the LCD test machine. He was immediately conquered by this equipment. "Whether the equipment is good or not can't fool an old driver like me. This fully hydraulic equipment has high exciting force and meets the standards of the construction site. It's really good!"

only 4 days from consulting to putting into use

Hu Xiangpei is an equipment purchaser of China Australia Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. the company has been established for some years, with more than a dozen equipment, but the full hydraulic roller is the first

it is reported that it took only four days from the decision to buy the roller to the roller being put into use. Such a resolute style is really incredible. "There's nothing to think about. Just search in Sany official and place an order!"

Even for the same product, Hu Xiangpei happily said that Sany has always been the leader in the field of full hydraulic pressure, which everyone knows, so it is definitely right to buy full hydraulic pressure and choose Sany. And the credibility of Sany has nothing to say. As long as you like to buy directly, you can guarantee that there is no problem. Buying Sany is so refreshing

the reason why China and Australia bought new equipment was that a project called "amorous town" urgently needed equipment. Sany has always been efficient and civilized, so it chose Sany with guaranteed quality, after-sales and cost performance. Sany really didn't disappoint him, no 3 Stretching space (mm): 600 only the delivery is fast. In just one day, the newly invited operator is very skilled in the operation of Sany 22 ton full hydraulic roller, without delaying the progress of the project

it is reported that this device is very fast to use, and the compaction effect is surprisingly high, which makes new operators full of praise

with full hydraulic pressure, novices become old drivers in seconds

Su peixiao is the roller operator of Shandong Huimin Qiangde mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. he has only learned the roller for two months, but he can operate this newly purchased 22 ton full hydraulic roller freely

"I get started quickly, and I feel like I have more business after buying!" He was surprised to say that he didn't expect that the construction effect of his novice operation was not inferior to that of the "old driver". The steps of shifting gears, stepping on brakes, clutches and so on, which originally made him a little flustered by operating the mechanical roller, are completely unnecessary on this full hydraulic equipment, but the compaction effect completed by simple operation is better than the usual mechanical roller

operator Su peixiao in the test run

"and the car starts very fast. It feels very cool to drive, which is completely different from the mechanical type!" Su peixiao was very happy to talk about the operation experience of this equipment. From the operation process to the construction effect, he felt a sense of ease to get twice the result with half the effort. What is more relaxed is the maintenance of this equipment

"maintenance is very convenient. After driving for so long, there is no need to replace anything. Moreover, our Sany after-sales service is very reputable, and there is basically no need to worry about equipment failure!"

it is reported that since the purchase of the machine in February, this equipment has been working in full swing, but it has always maintained the best construction state, which makes Su peixiao marvel

as soon as Sany "press fast" series full hydraulic roller came out, it won so many flowers and praise for the operation mode of Jinan test gold cantilever impact tester, which is closely related to its own technology and R & D strength

as the leader in the full hydraulic field, Sany will also make persistent efforts to continue to make great efforts in products, research and development, services and other aspects, create more value for customers, and let customers enjoy real benefits

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