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Epson launches system chips for electronic paper applications recently, Seiko Epson, a global provider of imaging products and semiconductor solutions, released its latest SOC (system chip). This product is mainly aimed at the most popular e-ink e-paper applications at present, such as e-books, tablet computers, electronic notebooks, etc. it is jointly developed with Zhaohong Electronics Co., Ltd., which focuses on the development of multimedia SOC in Taiwan

in order to maximize the performance of the electronic paper display controller, Epson optimized its memory controller interface while retaining the function of its display controller, so as to ensure that the image displayed on the electronic paper is more stable and smooth, and realize its goal of low cost and low power consumption by optimizing the electronic paper application system

it is reported that this electronic paper display application is specially created on the SoC platform for 0 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃ about 1.5 ℃/min integrated circuit, which perfectly presents the quality of electronic paper display, and realizes many advantages in the e-book market, such as the lowest power consumption, the fastest operation and the best cost performance. This product is not only limited to the e-book application market, but also in emerging markets such as e-notebook, network education, etc. this kind of coated PET bottle can be completely recycled like pure PET bottle 1, which will be promising

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