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How can China shake the leading position of international inverter brands?

in recent decades, the electrical equipment industry has rapidly changed from "robbing money" to "selling cabbage". There is a gap between China's inverter and foreign brands in terms of technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design and financial strength. So how to develop domestic inverter? Breaking the dominant position of foreign electrical products is an urgent problem we need to consider at present

due to the relatively large impact of foreign electrical products on domestic electrical equipment, the domestic electrical equipment industry is currently facing a major technological upgrading. Taking frequency converters as an example, there is a gap between domestic brands and foreign brands in the frequency converter market, both in technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design and other aspects, as well as in financial strength. At present, it is still unable to shake the dominant position of international brands

current situation of domestic medium and low voltage inverter products

the electrical equipment industry has changed from "robbing money" to "selling cabbage" in recent ten years without knowing it. The strong creativity, execution and destructive power of Chinese people are at a glance in this process, and foreigners can only flee in vain. Now the domestic market share of low-voltage inverter has been very high, but due to the scattered customers of low-voltage inverter, the impact on the market may not be so deep

medium voltage inverter can be said to be the pride of the Chinese people. It took 15 years to grow from nothing and firmly stand in this industry, crushing imported brands in terms of market share. Although the starting method is not glorious, it is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the barbaric development has seriously damaged itself and affected the healthy development of the market in the long run, In addition to a few high-end markets, domestic brands occupy this industry in an all-round way. It is much easier to clean the machine barrel than to clean the screw, so it is only a matter of time

in terms of the number of brands, domestic brands account for more than 70%, but the market share is only about 24%. Although the market share of domestic brands is expanding rapidly, most of the market is still occupied by more than a dozen European and American brands and Japanese brands. At present, the industry has begun to take shape and has considerable development potential. Industry insiders believe that the Chinese inverter market will reach saturation only after it has unique characteristics in many disciplines and fields in the next 10 years, during which the annual growth rate of the market will remain above 15%. However, in 2009, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the growth rate of industry market capacity will significantly slow down

the strength of China's inverter supporting industry is relatively weak. On the whole, domestic brands have a gap with foreign brands in terms of technology, manufacturing, industrial design and capital strength, especially compared with the two giants of Siemens and abb. At present, the share of foreign brands in the domestic medium and low-voltage inverter market is basically the same as that in 2013, and remains at about 76%. At the same time, due to China's increased investment in basic engineering (the traditional advantageous field of leading brands in Europe and the United States) and other factors in 2014, the industry concentration of the top ten foreign-funded enterprises has increased, especially the share of leading brands in the industry has further expanded. Most local frequency converter enterprises mainly focus on v/f control products. For vector frequency converters and other products with superior performance and high technical content, the vast majority of domestic enterprises have not developed mature products

the share of local brands has expanded rapidly, and the strength of local advantageous brands has increased rapidly, but most of the market share is still occupied by the great potential of the top ten foreign brands in the Chinese market, which has attracted foreign investment, such as Siemens, abb, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, etc. The domestic frequency converter market started with the entry of foreign brands, and foreign brands dominated, accounting for about 90% of the market share until around 2000. With the rise of local brands, the market share of domestic inverter enterprises has gradually expanded, especially in recent years, there has been a trend to accelerate the replacement of foreign brands

industry view

some people once used the visualized language 8. Circuit breaker Protector: protecting the compactor and extending the service life. At present, domestic brands are still concentrated on the level of "being able to use", while imported brands are at the level of "being easy to use". According to the current situation, this is not the case. Domestic electrical equipment enterprises are comprehensively upgraded in technology, in line with international standards, or will face a new round of challenges

with the gradual maturity of localized production, scale and technology, domestic brands usually have price advantages, and the improvement of quality also significantly increases the cost performance of domestic frequency converters. Market demand will increasingly tend to the domestic market, which will eventually break the long-term monopoly of foreign frequency converters, and domestic manufacturers will also form well-known brands. With the multiple development opportunities brought by the "the Belt and Road" strategy to the domestic electrical equipment industry, China's power enterprises are likely to share this huge overseas market in the future

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