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With the development of electrochemical analytical instrument industry, how can enterprises seek breakthroughs

when things encounter some difficulties or obstacles in the process of development, they will be in a difficult stage of rise, which we call the "bottleneck period". In life, the development of all kinds of things will encounter a bottleneck period, whether it is the development of the industry, the development of enterprises or the development of the country. In this period, we must seek direction and make breakthroughs one by one in order to seek development. The same is true of the development of electrochemical analytical instrument industry

nowadays, with the social progress and the rapid development of China's economy, the industrial structure of China's chemical industry, metallurgy, geology, physical performance classification of environmental building curtain wall gb/t 15225 (9) 4 Insurance and other related fields has been well optimized and upgraded. In the process of upgrading these industrial structures, the necessary testing items and testing needs have also increased, which undoubtedly ushered in a great opportunity for the development of China's electrochemical analysis industry

at the technical level, the new technology of separation and analysis has become the development trend in the field of analytical instruments, and the cross-section of components is gradually weakening. Electrochemical analytical instruments use this technology to achieve high sensitivity, high efficiency and high precision detection, which provides a good technical support for the development of electrochemical instruments. In addition, over the years, China's R & D experience and technology in the field of instruments have become more mature, and we have a deeper understanding of the needs of users and the development trend of the industry. The market potential of China's electrochemical instrument industry is imminent

however, the development of things is not plain sailing. The growth path of the electrochemical analytical instrument industry can continue to narrow the gap with the world's advanced level, and it also faces many difficulties. Electrochemical instruments in China started late and lacked technology and professional talents. Although the electrochemical analytical instrument industry in China is developing rapidly, there is still a certain gap with foreign countries. Therefore, how domestic enterprises should usher in their own breakthroughs and drive the industry to a new level has become the focus of enterprises

we all know that the development of products cannot be separated from the support of technology. Without technology, development will be impossible. From this to that, electrochemical analytical instrument enterprises must focus on technology research and development to achieve rapid and highly sensitive analysis of electrochemical analytical instruments. In addition, now the instrument has been developed towards miniaturization and portability, and the electrochemical analysis instrument can not dynamically observe and record the wear (friction) process; In addition, due to the limitation of the rotating speed of the experimental machine, we should follow the trend of the times and obtain the approval of users from the appearance and technology of the product. Of course, enterprises also need to pay attention to the introduction of professionals and the supply of advanced equipment, so as to provide a strong "backing" for the production of instrument products. Finally, the enterprise should also have a keen sense of market, accurate market layout, firmly control the quality of products and service links, and avoid mistakes in details, which will affect the development of the enterprise

if you don't sing, you will become a blockbuster. Although the development of electrochemical analytical instruments in China faces many difficulties, the industry is emerging at present. It is believed that in the near future, China's electrochemical analytical instrument industry will continue to make breakthroughs and improve its technology, process, service and other links one by one. The industry will also burst out a huge space for development and continue to contribute to the development of relevant fields in China

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