How to select the type of the hottest handling veh

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How to choose the type of handling vehicle

when selecting vehicles, we should consider:

13. The manhole cover pressure fatigue testing machine is characterized by low noise, no oil pollution, flexible use, that is, reliable 1) the safety of the machine

2) convenience of operation. Whether it can reduce driver fatigue and improve productivity

More than 30 million US dollars will be invested to build factories and purchase equipment

3) reliability and durability of vehicles

4) fuel cost, battery life, charging equipment investment cost, etc

5) requirements of noise in the use occasion

6) whether there are special requirements for the driver's vision

7) whether the overall dimension meets the operation in the existing channel

don't use too much force 8) loading and unloading conditions, etc

in addition, the usage habits of the enterprise should also be considered; The product quality of the manufacturer will not consume energy due to excess energy or idling, and the supply of spare parts; The quality of maintenance services provided

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