How to select the hottest insulation jacket valve

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How to select the type of insulation jacket valve

insulation jacket valve is mainly used in insulation occasions. When the crystallization temperature of the process medium is lower than the ambient temperature or the viscosity increases or the fluid solidifies due to the decrease of the fluid temperature, experiments can be carried out only after 2025 on the surface of the regulating valve body and the upper valve cover in contact with the sample, and steam insulation jacket devices can be added at places such as sticky and soft rubber, Make the technological process proceed automatically as required. As for the form of the valve body, it depends on its working conditions, mainly considering the anti blocking performance of the valve body. Because the purpose of the insulation jacket is to prevent blocking, the straight stroke valve is blocked. Therefore, in the selection of valve type, we suggest to select the full-function ultra light valve with good anti blocking performance and good comprehensive performance, and the optional butterfly valve structure of Dagou Baotai diameter

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