How to select cutting tools for quenching material

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How to choose tools for processing quenchants above HRC50

the pure fire materials above HRC50 have high hardness. Shu rihu, director of the Institute of international studies of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, told the people that the tungsten rigid milling cutter is difficult to meet its processing requirements. After more than ten minutes of CNC processing, there is serious wear and tear, and even negative growth in fixed asset investment in electrolytic aluminum and cement industries. Many moulds after firing have higher requirements and greater difficulties, so the accuracy of using general tungsten rigid milling cutters cannot be achieved. Then the wear types of tools for processing firing materials can be roughly divided into tool damage and wear. The following points should be paid attention to:

1: Select tungsten rigid milling cutters with ultra-fine particle bars and high rigidity tool body design. This ensures the toughness and rigidity of the tool

2: choose the design of high spiral angle of blade and the design of unequal four edges. This makes the tool have small deflection and strong cutting in high-speed and high hardness cutting

3: choose new crystalline coated tools. Many tungsten rigid milling cutters on the market use PVD coating, which can not meet high hardness cutting to a great extent. The new crystalline coating fundamentally solves the problems of high temperature resistance/acid resistance/wear resistance/longer service life

4: cooperate with powerful tool companies to further obtain their technical support and tool configuration, reduce procurement links and reduce procurement costs

dhf tungsten rigid milling cutter high rigid cutter body design and new coating have the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and long service life in high-speed and high hardness cutting due to significant conjugate effect, high-speed and efficient machining from pre hardened steel to quenched steel; From rough cutting to high-precision finishing, long service life is achieved; high-precision; High quality processing. Make high-speed machine and high hardness processing so easy

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