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How to shape the brand from the consumption orientation of OTC drug packaging

a personalized brand cannot be separated from the attachment of emotional and rational values. Only in this way can consumers finally feel the existence of brand value and win their preference. For OTC drugs, its brand is to shape authoritative, professional, effective, sincere and amiable personality characteristics in order to be full of personality charm and increase the emotional connection between drugs and consumers

people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. OTC, as a special consumer product, its packaging is directly related to the stability of drug quality. At the same time, OTC packaging and juice design also directly affect consumers' recognition of product quality and the spread and shaping of Otx brand.

the packaging of OTC drugs has always been a blind spot in China's pharmaceutical market, although great progress has been made with the development of China's packaging industry, However, it is not coordinated with the development of the entire pharmaceutical market and lags behind, which greatly affects consumers' sense of identity and trust in the process of accepting OTC products:

at present, OTC packaging still has some problems: first, the packaging pulp is small and large, the price is high, and the packaging cost is partially passed on to consumers. OTC packaging should pay attention to practicality, and the outsourcing design is more exquisite than the size. Second, the standard of children's dosage is inaccurate (often taken according to the proportion of adult dosage and children's weight estimation). OTC packaging should indicate the determined dosage of children's medication. Third, the drug packaging is rough, especially after a year of rapid growth in 2012, it is inconvenient to use. The packaging of drugs and the design of cylinder liner piston ring friction and wear testing machine need to be considered from the perspective of patients. The sealed drugs should be properly provided with unsealing instruments and measuring devices for taking drugs, so that patients can use drugs conveniently and accurately.

OTC is a special consumer product that consumers choose to use in pharmacies and drug counters. Patients can buy it directly at the drug terminal according to medical common sense, introduction of relatives and friends, medical cow consultation and salesperson's recommendation, When patients buy drugs, they also begin to pay attention to the packaging and design of drugs, and subconsciously judge the quality and efficacy of drugs. Because OTC has the duality of drugs and commodities, its appearance design not only reflects the image of the enterprise and brand, but also reflects the psychological recognition of consumers, and extends to the field of product communication in the market. Therefore, the OTC market should not have the phenomenon of "blind spots" in packaging.

first, OTC packaging: Patients' psychological positioning

adults tend to have texture and beauty in the packaging of drugs, and a single and plain drug design image is difficult to attract consumers; Therefore, drugs can only break through the traditional pattern, produce differentiated innovation while ensuring texture, and embody personality in packaging shape, case and color, which is not only conducive to the promotion of sales, but also conducive to the spread of the brand

the elderly like safe and convenient drug packaging. They pay attention to the hygiene and safety of the packaging while purchasing drugs. If the packaging is easy, then it is necessary to check whether the experimental machine has started the limit protection device to open, and there is no need to prepare another opening device. For OTC packaging, the packaging design must consider the physiological characteristics of the elderly, such as slow response, poor memory and vision. The text of the drug instructions and pamphlets can be easily read naked through segmentation or framing, and the main information should be fully emphasized. Supplemented by special pictorial signs, necessary prompts should be given to elderly patients:

children mainly take drugs under the supervision of adults, and OTC drugs mainly (accurately) give the dose of children taking adult drugs, The shape of packaging and drugs can adopt cartoon or animal shapes that children like to attract children's attention and promote the consumption of children's drugs

the survey found that although elderly patients like some special drug packaging juice, they are rarely willing to pay higher fees for it, and their consumption concept is slightly conservative and practical. Only by providing a safe and convenient improvement to a large extent, and making them truly feel the existence of the value of the improved drugs through certain communication, can they affect their purchase decisions on drugs to a greater extent. Adults are vulnerable to external factors when purchasing drugs, and highly personalized drug packaging is easy to attract their consumption. Moreover, adults often care about the health of their partners and families when purchasing drugs, and they have a special caring psychology, Therefore, the novel packaging design juice and color deployment is easy. You can count how many beans you want to use to trigger more associations among adults, and to a considerable extent, the packaging value of drugs is transferred from favoritism to brand recognition

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