How to seek the unification of ERP platform

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How to seek the unification of ERP platform

for the implementation of branch informatization projects, how should the group headquarters plan and manage, and what should the group headquarters undertake? This is a problem that many joint-stock group enterprises are facing. Hunan Torch Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hunan Torch) has been growing and expanding in recent years, but it is also constantly thinking and exploring the answer

from August 2003 to the beginning of 2004, the headquarters of Hunan Torch Group helped Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile three larger branches (at the beginning of 2005, Hunan Torch sold the equity of Chongqing Hongyan Automobile, and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company was separated from Hunan Torch). Welcome to pay attention to this site! An ERP system platform is provided. However, Hunan Torch Group did not unify the implementation and service providers of ERP systems in the three branches at that time, which made the implementation progress and implementation effect of ERP systems in the three branches uneven

Yang Tao, manager of Hunan Torch project investment management department and director of information technology, said in an interview, "due to the limited manpower of the group's IT department, at present, we can only help the branch company plan and unify the application system (software and server) platform on the basis of the overall planning, and the branch company should do other hardware selection and implementation services." However, this way is not what Hunan Torch hopes. Yang Tao hopes that when the time is ripe, the hardware, software selection and implementation services can be uniformly planned by the group. In addition, the group should establish a more perfect organizational structure and risk prevention system to ensure the smooth implementation of informatization projects

seek the unification of ERP platform

Hunan torch is a multinational investment holding listed company with 35 holding subsidiaries, focusing on automobiles and auto parts. Before 1999, the group had few foreign investment activities, but since 1999, the group has rapidly expanded. In the pace of expansion, Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile are the three most representative subsidiaries, and they are also the major profit makers in Hunan Torch branch

among them, Shaanxi fast gear company is one of the earliest holding enterprises of Hunan torch. The company is a high-tech enterprise jointly invested and established by Hunan torch and Shaanxi Automobile Gear General Factory with 51% and 49% equity ratio in September 2001. The company is a professional chemical plant mainly engaged in the production of heavy-duty automobile transmissions, transfer gears, power takeoff and various automobile gears and their forgings; Shaanxi heavy duty automobile company is also an automobile manufacturing enterprise jointly established by Hunan torch and Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. with 51% and 49% equity ratio (established in September 2002); Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company is a heavy-duty automobile manufacturing enterprise jointly established in January 2003, with 51% invested by Hunan torch, 45% invested by Chongqing Heavy Duty Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and 4% invested by Delong International Strategic Investment Co., Ltd

through the successful holding of three branches of Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile, Hunan Torch became China's largest military off-road vehicle production base, China's largest R & D and production base in the gear industry, China's largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer, China's largest spark plug production base, and China's largest piston manufacturer in 2003

with the slowdown of the expansion pace of Hunan Torch in 2003, Hunan Torch began to develop from extensive management to fine and intensive management. At this time, Hunan Torch hopes to conduct more centralized, effective and refined management of the holding branches within the group, including information management

however, at this time, the informatization situation of the three core branches of Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile is as follows: Shaanxi heavy duty truck has implemented the ERP products of Macola company for several months (system research, training and some modules have been implemented); Shaanxi fast gear has also signed a contract with QAD through the promotion company (but it has not been implemented); Chongqing Hongyan Automobile is negotiating with an ERP manufacturer; The group headquarters also initially selected Kingdee's ERP products and promoted them in some branches of the group

the upcoming multi system platform of the three major branches will bring many difficulties to the unified, centralized and refined management of Hunan Torch Group, especially the different financial accounting methods, report generation data and system control capabilities among multiple ERP systems, and the integration between systems will also face many difficulties

facing the chaotic situation of ERP system application, the group information department led by Yang Tao, manager of Hunan Torch project investment management department, set up an ERP system selection team and began to unify the ERP system platform

platform selection oracle was lucky to win

at that time, the software manufacturers initially included in the selection of Hunan Torch ERP unified platform included sap, Oracle, Baan, QAD, ifs5 companies. The reason why it has not been promoted and implemented in the branch of Hunan Torch Group to delay the service life of tires; Yang Tao, the head of Hunan Torch Information Technology Co., Ltd., a Kingdee company with more flexible tread, pointed out that after deploying Kingdee ERP system in the pilot application of auto parts in Shanghai Heda branch, Hunan Torch found that the system could not meet the needs of the group. In addition, he believed that there were certain "hard defects" in domestic software, such as certain deficiencies in financial accounting, cost variance analysis and system scalability

in the bidding and evaluation process of the first stage of Hunan Torch ERP Selection, Oracle, Baan, QAD and ifs4 companies directly participated in the bidding, while SAP company was bidding on behalf of IBM. In terms of inspection objects, Hunan Torch focused on Fiat Automobile, JAC automobile (Baan customer), SAIC Motor, Shanghai General Motors, United Electronics (SAP customer), Chang'an lingmu (QAD customer), Chang'an Automobile (Oracle customer); APW company (IFS customer). Through the first stage of comparison and screening, Hunan Torch believes that QAD and ifs have relatively few customers in the automotive industry, and their product applicability is also lacking. Therefore, Hunan Torch abandoned QAD and ifs in the first round of evaluation

during the second round of research and evaluation, IBM withdrew halfway due to special reasons, and SAP sent seven or eight people to participate in the bidding passively, but this did not ultimately save sap. The withdrawal of IBM made Hunan Torch doubt the cooperation sincerity and attitude of SAP company; Moreover, during the bidding process, SAP introduced the case of Chery automobile

many people in Hunan Torch know Chery. The enterprise has some problems in the process of system initialization and implementation, and even some people have questioned this during the bid presentation process of SAP related personnel. In addition, the ERP system selection team temporarily cannot accept the fixed implementation mode of SAP initial research, process sorting, software solidification and strict parameter definition, because it will obliterate the independent innovation and optimization of enterprises

during the second round of bid presentation, the bidding personnel of Baan company spoke thoroughly and clearly about the vehicle management mode, product characteristics, case introduction and other aspects, which made Baan company win the recognition of the majority of managers in the ERP system selection group. Therefore, after the second round of review, Hunan Torch evaluated Baan, Oracle and SAP companies as Baan first, Oracle second and SAP third

however, Baan company was involved in financial problems and the quagmire of being acquired by SSA at this time, so Hunan torch has no confidence in the later maintenance and upgrading of Baan company's software, and it is also a major defect that Baan company has no special implementation team in China

therefore, the ERP model selection project team finally chose to unify the group's application platform under the Oracle 11i e-commerce suite through multi-party balance and comparison, and first chose to implement it in three branches of Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty automobile and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile

after unifying the ERP system platforms of the three branches of Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile, Hunan Torch Group has no unified bidding to select system implementers, which gives relevant IT manufacturers more room to "show their strength"

in the process of consulting and selection of implementers in the three branches, the consulting and service teams of IBM consulting, promotion company, HAMP company, hande company, Oracle solutions division and others who are capable of implementing Oracle e-commerce suite launched a relatively fierce "fight" around the implementation of ERP projects in the three branches

among them, the most undisputed implementer is Shaanxi fast gear company. Previously, Shaanxi fast gear company signed a contract through the promotion company to prepare to implement the ERP products of QAD company. However, because Hunan Torch Group eventually unified the ERP platform under the Oracle platform, in order to avoid corresponding breach of contract, Shaanxi fast gear company finally chose the promotion company as the implementation and service provider of Oracle e-commerce suite

therefore, the focus of IBM, HAMP, hande, Oracle solutions division and some small and medium-sized consulting and implementation companies has fallen on Shaanxi heavy truck company. Due to the large number of modules, large scope and high cost of the implementation of the project, various implementation and service providers have spent a lot of effort in it

hande is the most astute company among them. When bidding at the initial stage, the company realized that it could not obtain the implementation of the project alone, so it retreated and took the way of bundling with IBM consulting team to participate in the bidding again. This action virtually enhanced the strength of IBM consulting team

Yang Tao introduced that although the addition of "foreign aid" has enhanced IBM's implementation ability to a certain extent, IBM is not a traditional implementation partner of Oracle e-commerce suite products after all, so it has no obvious advantages compared with Oracle solutions division and Hampshire, which has implemented Oracle ERP products for many years and has strong localization

but it is a very "coincidence" that at the bidding stage of this project, the director of HAMP Oracle business department who followed this project suddenly left and "went" to IBM. Finally, the project fell to IBM consulting and hand

in the selection process of ERP implementers of Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company, HAMP won the final victory. However, insiders said that this does not mean that HAMP's consulting ability is strong, but Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company and Shaanxi heavy duty automobile company are competitors in the market. Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company does not want to choose the same implementation and service provider as Shaanxi heavy duty automobile company

the implementation effect is the same as the final difference

for the three branches of Shaanxi fast gear, Shaanxi heavy duty truck and Chongqing Hongyan Automobile, although they all choose Oracle ERP products, the implementation process is basically based on the implementation methodology of Oracle Application System to divide ERP projects into establishment and implementation strategies, business process analysis, design solutions, establishment of application system, document coding, system switching The operation and maintenance are carried out in seven stages. Three implementation service companies have made slight adjustments according to their own characteristics, but the implementation effects of the three branches are different

according to Yang Tao, among the three companies, Shaanxi fast gear company has the best implementation effect, followed by Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company, and finally Shaanxi heavy duty automobile company

among them, the ERP project of Shaanxi fast gear company was implemented from the end of February 2004 to the end of March 2005, and almost implemented Oracle ERP products, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, costs, general ledger, procurement, inventory, sales, etc

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